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Summary of ANA Super Flyers benefits [Advantages of senior members]

We have put together a list of the benefits of ANA's status membership, Super Flyers (SFC) . Even if you often travel domestically or internationally by plane, but are not very interested in airline status, I think that reading this will help you understand the benefits of SFC. Please take a look.

 Overview of SFC

SFC is an abbreviation for "Super Flyers Card". This is ANA's advanced status card that can only be applied for by those who have accumulated a certain number of PP (Premium Points) by appearing on airplanes.

The act of constantly appearing on airplanes in order to obtain advanced status is called SFC training or status training.

SFC points

  • Earn 50,000 annual premium points
  • The only way to earn premium points is by flying
  • Continue to be a senior member of ANA while holding SFC

Conditions for obtaining SFC (Super Flyers Card)

The Super Flyers Card is not only a card that indicates ANA's advanced status, but also a credit card .

Normally, in the case of a credit card, the presence or absence of luminescence is often determined based on criteria such as income and attributes, such as whether the person meets the conditions for issuance.

However, SFC cards are different.

To apply for a card, you must be an ANA Diamond Service Member or Platinum Service Member . You can also qualify as an ANA Million Miler, but I won't discuss it here because it requires you to fly quite a few times.

Please note that the conditions for applying for a card do not mean that the card will definitely be issued. Your credit card itself will be reviewed, so if you have made late payments in the past, your card may not be issued.

Advanced membership status continues as long as you hold the credit card.

The key point here is that once you complete the SFC training and obtain an SFC card, you will be able to maintain your advanced qualification permanently as long as you hold that credit card .

However, you must continue to pay the annual fee. The attractive point is that once in your life, you can become an advanced member once you have completed SFC training and issued a card.

Now, let's start by explaining the benefits of ANA Super Flyers.

List of benefits for ANA Premium members

I created a table to compare benefits by status.

item bronze SFC platinum diamond
Star Alliance qualification silver gold gold gold
Service desk for premium members only
ANA Lounge
ANA Sweet Lounge × × ×
concierge service × × ×
Domestic flight seat reservation priority
Domestic flight advance reservation
Domestic Award Tickets/
Mile Discount Advance Reservations
seat class upgrade
Exemption from advance seat reservation fees for international flights × ×
Waiting list for domestic award tickets × × ×
Priority for international award tickets and
upgrade awards
International flight fee exemption × × ×
Priority check-in counter ×
Waitlist priority
Priority check-in ×
Preferential treatment for baggage check-in △(International)
Dedicated security checkpoint ×
priority boarding ×
Priority baggage claim ×
Type of waiting list at the airport (domestic flights) E C B A
upgrade points
flight bonus miles 40-55% 35-50% 90-105% 115-130%
Extension of mileage expiration date × × ×
Miles → Multiplier when exchanging SKY coins 1.7 times 1.6 times 1.7 times 1.7 times
Diamond exclusive benefits × × ×
Private car valet benefits at Narita Airport ×
Priority reservation for Haneda Airport parking lot ×
Priority lane at Hong Kong International Airport
Limited digital content

ANA Super Flyers benefits ① Benefits when making reservations

Service desk for premium members only

A premium member-only service desk is available exclusively for Super Flyers. You can make inquiries about airline ticket reservations, mileage services, and premium member services.

Even during times when it is difficult to connect at the service desk for general members, if you use the line exclusively for premium members, you will be able to connect to an operator relatively quickly.

You can also ask for assistance at the service desk when reserving, changing, or refunding award tickets, so you don't have to worry if you're worried about completing the procedures online.

The benefit of these procedures is that they can be completed in less time than regular members.

Super Flyers Service Desk

0120-029-340 (toll free)

0570-029-340 (nationwide flat rate)

03-6741-6682 (paid) Mobile phone/Paid dial from outside Japan.

Business hours are as follows.

① Domestic flight general/award reservations: 8:00-20:00 (open all year round)
② International flight general/award reservations: 24 hours *1 (open year-round)
③ Mileage inquiries: Weekdays/Saturdays 9:00-17:00 , Sundays, holidays, and New Year's holidays (1/1-1/3)/Closed

To use, after dialing each phone number, enter your ANA Mileage Club customer number (10 digits) and enter your AMC password.

Advance reservations for domestic flights are possible

This is a benefit that allows you to reserve fares that are sold all at once during each ANA service period, prior to their general sale. This is a great benefit if you have a flight ticket for a certain date and time that you want to secure.

Priority seat reservation for domestic flights

A service not available to general members is priority seat reservation on domestic flights. You can choose more seats than regular members. General members can only select a limited number of seats, so this is a great perk for making your trip more comfortable.

The image below is an image of seat selection.


Diamond offers the widest selection. Super Flyers will be able to select the equivalent of Platinum members. You will be able to preferentially reserve seats in front of the emergency exits or front seats, which have more legroom and are not available to regular members.

Exemption from advance seat reservation fees for international flights

For international economy class flights operated by the ANA Group, members and their companions who have made the same reservation or registered their companion information in advance will be exempt from advance seat reservation fees.

You can spend your time on the plane more comfortably by choosing the seat of your choice, such as a seat with easy access to the aisle, a seat where you can stretch your legs, or a seat next to your preferred seat or companion.

Waitlist priority when making reservations

You can waitlist for seats on domestic and international flights. Even if your desired flight is fully booked, there is the advantage of priority reservations being made on the waitlist. If there are empty seats, you will be able to board the plane without wasting time in the event of a sudden change of plans.

Additionally, priority will be given to waiting lists for seat upgrades at the airport on the day of departure.

Advance reservations for domestic flight award tickets and Issho-ni Mile Discount

You can make advance reservations for domestic award tickets and mileage discounts using miles for dates that are easily filled. This is a benefit that allows you to use your accumulated miles more effectively.

Priority for international award tickets and upgrade awards

When members board using their own miles, priority will be given to reservations and waitlisting for international award tickets and international upgrade awards on flights operated by the ANA Group (ANA/Air Japan). Priority will also be given to reservations for companions with the same reservation number using the premium member's miles.

ANA Super Flyers benefits ② Benefits at the airport

Access to ANA lounges (domestic flights, international flights, Stara member airlines)

You can use the lounge when departing on flights operated by ANA Group or Star Alliance member airlines . In addition to the main member, up to one accompanying person can use the service.

Eligible lounges are available on flights operated by ANA Group (ANA, Air Japan, ANA Wings), Star Alliance member airlines, and connecting flights to/from Star Alliance Connecting Partners. This is a certain specification.

Additionally, as a Star Alliance Gold member, you can use Star Alliance member airline lounges at over 1,000 airports around the world when boarding flights operated by Star Alliance member airlines.

Priority check-in counter

Super Flyers priority check-in counters are available for both domestic and international flights. You can use ANA Premium Check-in on domestic flights. On international flights, you can use Business Class check-in counters and Star Alliance Gold check-in counters.

You cannot use ANA Suite Check-in or First Class check-in counters.

Airports for domestic flights

Haneda Airport, Narita Airport, New Chitose Airport, Itami Airport, Kansai Airport, Kobe Airport, Nagoya (Chubu) Airport, Fukuoka Airport, Naha Airport, Sendai Airport, Komatsu Airport, Okayama Airport, Hiroshima Airport, Matsuyama Airport, Kumamoto Airport, Miyazaki Airport, Kagoshima Airport

Priority baggage claim

When traveling on ANA Group-operated flights and connecting flights to/from Star Alliance member airlines or Star Alliance Connecting Partners, you can have your baggage labeled with priority tags. Once you arrive, you will receive priority.

A " PRIORITY " tag will be added to your baggage tag .

Preferential baggage allowance

When using domestic flights, you can check in up to 20 kg of free baggage allowance.

If you are in premium class, you can check up to 60 kg instead of the usual 40 kg, and if you are in the standard seat, you can check in up to 40 kg instead of the usual 20 kg.

premier class Normally 40kg +20kg = 60kg
Ordinary seat Normally 20kg +20kg=40kg

When traveling on international flights, you can check in an extra piece of baggage in addition to the free baggage allowance.

For first order, up to 32 kg x 3 pieces + 1 piece

For business, up to 32 kg x 2 pieces + 1 piece

For premium economy and economy, up to 23kg x 2 pieces + 1 piece

first class 32kg per piece up to 4 pieces
business class 32kg per piece up to 3 pieces
premium economy
23kg per piece up to 3 pieces

For Star Alliance member airlines, there is a preferential treatment of up to 1 item when using a piece system and up to 20 kg when using a weight system.

Use of dedicated security checkpoint

You can use a dedicated security checkpoint when arriving on a flight operated by the ANA Group. Even when the general inspection site is crowded, you can be guided smoothly.

Domestic flights

You can use the dedicated security checkpoint inside ANA PREMIUM CHECK-IN. The target airports are as follows.

Target airports: Haneda Airport, New Chitose Airport, Fukuoka Airport, Itami Airport, Naha Airport (baggage drop-off is at the priority check-in counter)

As mentioned above, although it is a useful service, it is not available at many airports. Also, you cannot use ANA SUITE CHECK-IN, which is only available at Haneda Airport.

International flight

STAR ALLIANCE GOLD TRACK is available. In Japan, this applies to Narita Airport. It can be used at airports around the world, even when connecting to/from Star Alliance member airlines and connecting partners.

You can also use priority security checkpoints (priority lanes) at Narita and Haneda airports.

Priority boarding available

Priority boarding is an easy way to experience advanced status. You can board the plane with priority over the general public. Some people may think that there is no point in getting on a plane early, but I think there is.

If you board at the end of the day when the flight is crowded, you may not be able to put your luggage in the upper shelf. In that case, you may have no choice but to place it far away from your seat.

Getting off the plane can also be a hassle. When you have a lot of baggage, I feel there are tremendous benefits to priority boarding.

The boarding order is as follows:

  1. Advance ticket gate service (for those who require assistance, those who are pregnant or traveling with infants)
  2. Group1: Diamond First Class
  3. Group 2: Platinum Super Flyers Stara Gold Premier Class
  4. Group 3, 4, 5: General boarding (window side → middle seat → aisle seat)

My car valet benefits

You can use the affiliated parking lot at Narita Airport at a preferential rate. Can be used when making a round trip reservation using an ANA flight number. It will be stored in a covered parking lot. After returning home, you can have your car delivered to the private driveway next to the lounge, so you can relax in the ANA ARRIVAL LOUNGE until you pick it up. You can also earn miles on the amount spent.

Priority reservation for Haneda Airport parking lot

Priority will be given to reservations for Haneda Airport Parking Lot 3 (P3). Although there is a charge, it is a benefit that you can enjoy when using it during busy times.

Priority lane at Hong Kong International Airport

You can use the priority lane (Frequent Visitor e-channel) at Hong Kong International Airport's immigration procedures. Although it can be said that the number of people who use it is quite limited, it is one of the benefits.

ANA Super Flyers Benefits ③ Preferential Benefits

Upgrade points awarded

You can upgrade your seat by using the upgrade points you receive . However, upgrade points will not be awarded during the pre-service period. Available from April 1st of the following year.

40 Upgrade Points will be awarded for 100,000 Premium Points .

Points earned in the previous year (ANA Group operated flights) Earn upgrade points
250,000– 100 upgrade points
200,000–249,999 80 upgrade points
150,000–199,999 60 upgrade points
120,000–149,999 50 upgrade points
80,000–119,999 40 upgrade points
40,000–79,999 20 upgrade points
30,000–39,999 10 upgrade points
20,000–29,999 8 upgrade points
10,000–19,999 6 upgrade points
1–9,999 4 upgrade points

If you are a Super Flyer and have the following statuses: Diamond, Platinum, or Bronze, you will receive an additional 4 upgrade points.

By using these points, you can receive ANA's premium services.

There are three ways to use upgrade points:

seat class upgrade

On domestic flights, you can upgrade from regular seats to premium class by using 4 Upgrade Points per person.

On international flights, you can use 4 to 20 Upgrade Points to upgrade to Premium Economy, Business Class, or First Class.

Lounge use

By using 2 Upgrade Points per person, companions and registered award users can enter the ANA Lounge.

Exchange for ANA SKY coins

Each upgrade point can be exchanged for 1000 ANA SKY coins.

ANA SKY Coins can be used like cash to pay for airline tickets and travel products. 1 coin is worth 1 yen.

flight bonus miles

Earn bonus miles on top of the miles earned on your flights. The accrued bonus differs depending on the type of card. Flight bonus miles are as follows:

  • General card: 35%
  • Gold card: 40%
  • Card premium: 50%

Exchange miles to ANA SKY coins at special multipliers

When exchanging 50,000 miles or more to ANA SKY COINS , the exchange rate will be up to 1.6x.

50,000 miles can be exchanged for 80,000 SkyCoins.

For general AMC members, the maximum is 1.2 times. It only costs 60,000 Sky Coins, so there is a difference of 20,000 Sky Coins.

Original name tag gift

When you join Super Flyers, you will receive a name tag.

Diary/calendar gift

If you request, you can receive a desk calendar and diary for the following year.


As a premium member benefit, you can use the "Premium Member Exclusive ANA Selection." There are benefits exclusive to premium members using miles.

"Life Solution Service Bonus Miles" benefits are available. This benefit allows you to earn 3 times more miles than usual when using ANA-related shops and services such as ANA FESTA.

The "Premium Members/Super Flyers Members Only Digital Content" benefit is digital content exclusive to Premium Members. It provides a variety of information and you can read articles.

When staying at hotels affiliated with IHG/ANA Hotels Group Japan, we offer preferential rate plans.

In addition to this, we also run campaigns from time to time, where you can receive great deals.

in conclusion

This concludes our introduction to the benefits of Super Flyers membership. The great benefit is that you can continue to receive benefits semi-permanently as long as you continue to pay your credit card's annual fee. After putting it together this time, I realized it once again.

Thank you for visiting.