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[Accommodation record] Blog review/word of mouth of Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel rooms (nationwide travel support)

I stayed at Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel & Resorts , so I'm going to write a blog-style review of the stay. This is a resort hotel with a beautiful beach right in front of you.

For reviews of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, please see here ▼▼.

[Accommodation record] Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel breakfast/lunch/dinner blog review/word of mouth


Details of Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel & Resorts

This hotel is located 13 minutes by car from Miyako Airport and right in front of the beach. The beach in front of you is Yonaha Maehama Beach , which is said to be the most beautiful beach in the East . Just coming here is worth the trip to Miyakojima.

This is a relatively large hotel, so there are advantages of scale. There are three restaurants and bars in total . The approximately 230-hectare site is fully equipped with entertainment facilities such as a pool, tennis court, putter golf, and a barbecue house .

Location and access

Address: 914 Yonaha, Shimoji, Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture 906-0305

TEL: 0980-76-2109  FAX: 0980-76-6781

Transfer available: Miyako Airport - Hotel (advance reservation required at least 3 days before your stay)

Check-in/check-out time (normal)

Check-in 14:00

Check out 11am

Room equipment

TV (general channels) / Air purifier with humidifying function / Telephone / Electric kettle / Refrigerator / Hair dryer / Toilet seat with warm water bidet / Safety box / Clothes drying stand

Amenity goods

Tea set (Japanese tea) / Coffee set / Slippers / Bath towel / Face towel / Hand towel / Wash towel / Body soap / Facial & hand soap / Cleansing / Lotion / Emulsion / Shampoo / Conditioner / Toothbrushing set / Shaving / Shaving foam /Shower cap/Hairbrush/Cotton swab/Cotton/Nightwear

Yonaha Maehama Beach within walking distance

The best advantage of this hotel is that Yonaha Maehama Beach is within walking distance. This time, it was cloudy and the sea was cool, so I wasn't able to take any sharp photos, but here are some photos of the beach from the last time I visited.

The white sand beach and clear blue sea are extremely beautiful.

Review with hotel photos

This time we stayed using support from both banks nationwide. Each person will receive a 5,000 yen discount and a 1,000 yen coupon. This time I made a reservation on . I booked a plan that included breakfast.

Price is 24,200 yen (2 people) - 9,680 yen - 1,210 yen (points awarded) - 2000 yen (coupon) = 11,310 yen

Hotel exterior/lobby floor view

Arrive at the hotel and wait in line for check-in. There are 4 reception desks, but there were about 5 people waiting to check in . Perhaps it was because there were so many things to check for travel support, but after waiting for about 15 minutes , it was finally my turn.

I was asked if I had stayed at the hotel before, perhaps because it was a hotel with many repeat guests, but this was my first time staying here.

Room review (Standard twin (twin bed))

▼This time I stayed in a twin bed room. The wallpaper is Japanese style .

▼Indirect lighting is placed on both sides of the bed.

▲The phone is a stylish type.

▲There was a two-seater sofa next to the window.

▲There is also a chair opposite the sofa.

▲There is an air purifier from the previous generation.

▲There were pajamas in the drawer.

▲There is also plenty of luggage space.

▲▼There are glasses, mugs, tea cups, etc.

▲There were also two bottles of water.

▼Next, inside the closet.

▲Slippers, deodorant spray, etc.


Next, I will introduce the washroom space.

▲The washstand is compact.

▲Hand soap is a foam type.

▲Liquid cleansing, cleansing wash, lotion, and emulsion are available in bottles. I suddenly feel fat. Thank you.

▲When I opened the drawer, there was a hair dryer inside.

▲Amenities are abundant. The bath salts have a cherry blossom scent, and the brush is a large, sturdy type.

▼Next, the bath and toilet. This room is a unit bath type.

It's relatively clean. It's not like filling a bathtub with hot water, but in the warm climate of Miyakojima, a shower is sufficient.

▲A washlet is also included.

Balcony/outside view

I will show you the view from outside the room.

Unfortunately it's cloudy this time. The wind was quite strong, so I didn't feel like I was at my best, but the sea was beautiful. ▼

Be careful when opening windows. Since the area is surrounded by nature, there was a warning in the room that there was a possibility of geckos and insects invading. ▼

Please be careful if you are afraid of insects. Of course I didn't open the window (sweat)

The hotel also refrains from spraying excessive amounts of pesticides and insecticides . If you really don't like insects and they come into your room, the front desk will take care of them.

Comprehensive review

The above is an introduction to the rooms at Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel & Resorts with photos. The best advantage of this hotel is that it is located right in front of Yonaha Maehama Beach . Personally, I think this beach is the whitest, bluest, and most beautiful of all the beaches in Japan . I think it's worth it just to come here.

Once you arrive at the hotel, you can go to a beautiful beach within walking distance.

The hotel has a souvenir shop and a convenience store. Click here to see the inside of the souvenir shop. ▼

In addition to standard souvenirs such as sweets and key chains , we also carry a wide variety of Okinawan folk crafts . As for the convenience store, it is run by the hotel , so the selection is limited . I feel like I have the bare minimum, so I don't have any problems...

This time I was able to stay at almost half the price because I was using the national travel support program. The regular price is 24,000 yen (Saturday) for one night with breakfast, so I think it's within a reasonable range.

The hotel itself felt a little old, but the rooms were clean. As it is a large hotel on Miyakojima, there are many staff members, and you will be able to receive prompt service during non-busy times.

This time, I booked a plan that included breakfast , so I will introduce the breakfast restaurant in a separate article. For reviews of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, please see here ▼▼.

[Accommodation record] Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel breakfast/lunch/dinner blog review/word of mouth