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[Okinawa Accommodation Record] Blog review of Hilton Chatan rooms (National Travel Support)

I stayed at the Hilton Chatan in Chatan Town, Okinawa , so I will write a blog-like review of the stay.

Hilton Chatan details

Hilton Chatan is a resort hotel located in the central part of the main island of Okinawa . Located in the town of Chatan, next to the hotel is the American-style townscape of Mihama American Village , where you can enjoy shopping at the same time. It is also a town that is currently attracting attention.

The beach is also within walking distance, so you can enjoy Okinawa to the fullest. Hilton Chatan also has a pool . The pool has a slider that both adults and children can enjoy.

From the official website

Access from Naha Airport is approximately 40 minutes by car or 1 hour by bus . It is closer than going to the northern part of the prefecture, but further away than Kokusai Dori and other areas of Naha city. It is a place that meets the demand of people who want to easily see the beautiful sea in Okinawa.

Room lineup

It is divided into an executive floor with a lounge, suite rooms, and standard rooms .

standard room

City view room (twin) Number of rooms: 21, capacity: 3 people, area: 35㎡, bed width: 120cm
City View Room (King) Number of rooms: 8, capacity: 3 people, area: 35㎡, bed width: 180cm
Twin room with balcony Number of rooms: 17, capacity: 4 people, area: 37㎡, bed width: 120cm
Twin room with garden Number of rooms: 14, capacity: 4 people, area: 37㎡, bed width: 120cm
Ocean view room (twin) Number of rooms: 220, capacity: 4 people, area: 37㎡, bed width: 120-135cm
Ocean View Room (King) Number of rooms: 6, capacity: 3 people, area: 37㎡, bed width: 180cm

executive room

executive Number of rooms: 18, capacity: 4 people, area: 37㎡, bed width: 120cm
Executive Ocean View Room (Twin) Number of rooms: 23, capacity: 4 people, area: 37㎡, bed width: 120cm
Executive Ocean View Room (King) Number of rooms: 6, capacity: 3 people, area: 37㎡, bed width: 120cm

Suite Room

Suite room (twin) Number of rooms: 6, capacity: 5 people, area: 72㎡, bed width: 135cm
Suite Room (King) Number of rooms: 2, capacity: 5 people, area: 72㎡, bed width: 180cm
Deluxe suite room (twin) Number of rooms: 4, capacity: 5 people, area: 72㎡, bed width: 135cm

From the official website

Location and access

Address: 40-1 Mihama, Chatan-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa 904-0115

TEL: 098-901-1111

■By car:
Approximately 40 minutes from Naha Airport on the Okinawa West Coast Road.
Approximately 15 minutes from Okinawa Expressway Okinawa Minami IC on Prefectural Route 23 (National Athletic Meet Memorial Road) towards Chatan.

■By bus:
Approximately 45 minutes from Naha Airport by Chatan Airport Express.
From Naha Airport, take bus number 20 or 120, get off at Kuwae, and walk 10 minutes (about 1.5 hours).

Check-in/check-out time

Check-in 15:00

Check out 12:00

This time I stayed with the HPCJ plan.

I made a reservation using the HPCJ plan . HPCJ is a paying member of Hilton. Once you join, you can enjoy a 25% discount on Hilton accommodations whenever you book. I used a 10,000 yen discount coupon from HPCJ for this stay

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Review with hotel photos

Hotel exterior/lobby floor view

This is what the hotel looks like from the sea side It is a 9-story building. The sea is right in front of you , so you can see the sea from most of the rooms. ▼▼

The entrance is on the 3rd floor. ▼▼

My impression was that Hilton's claims were not very strong.

Next is the lobby floor. ▼▼

It has an open feel and is spacious . The entire surface is made of glass, so it is bright.

When I went down the stairs, there was a Christmas tree. ▼▼

When you step outside, the pool is right in front of you. ▼▼

Head to the guest room floor.

Room review (Ocean view room (twin bed))

Since we arrived at night, the room felt a little dark. ▼▼

There are simple chairs and tables. ▼▼

All the lights have buttons so you can control them from your bedside. ▼▼

You won't have to worry about where to put your suitcase. ▲

There was indirect coral lighting. It has an Okinawan feel. ▼▼

I didn't feel like they were very particular about the drinks provided. There is a minimum.

This is what's inside the closet. ▼▼

There were two bottles of water. ▲


The amenities are typical of Hilton. The scent of verbena and lavender makes it hard to tell whether you like it or not.

There is also soap.

I have pajamas. There were no bathrobes. ▲

Next is the shower room. ▼▼

The glass is large and looks spacious. There is also a rain shower nozzle on the ceiling. ▼▼

The toilet is quite normal.

Balcony/outside view

The room has a balcony. There are chairs on the balcony.

The weather forecast for Okinawa the day before was rain. As you can see, the weather is sunny that day.

When traveling to Okinawa, your level of satisfaction will vary depending on whether the weather is good or not.

The sea is beautiful and blue.

Every Saturday, a fireworks display is held on the sea in front of the building . Although it is only about 3 minutes long, it is quite impressive and can be seen from your guest room, making it a hidden gem.

This time, I ate at a restaurant where I could watch the fireworks, so I didn't watch them from my room. Unfortunately I couldn't take any photos.

Comprehensive review

This is the room review for Hilton Chatan . There is a sense of security that only a Hilton hotel can provide, so even when traveling to a place as far away as Okinawa, there is no need to feel unnecessarily fatigued. Another advantage is that Chatan Town is a town that can be enjoyed even within walking distance. You won't have any trouble finding restaurants.

The rooms with an ocean view, which is a must for resort hotels in Okinawa, made me forget about the passage of time. This time, it was winter in Okinawa, so I couldn't do a leisure-focused trip, but I was able to stay at a hotel and enjoy the town of Chatan . Overall, I think Hilton Chatan is a good hotel.

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