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[In front of the airport runway] Blog travelogue and review of rooms at Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

I stayed at the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu, which is directly connected to the departure lobby of Haneda Airport , so I will write a blog-like review of the stay. From the guest room window, you can see the apron and the runway in front of you. I also took a lot of photos of the airplane, so I will review them.

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Blog review and reviews of Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu breakfast buffet


Details of Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu is a hotel that is directly connected to the departure lobby of Haneda Airport Terminal 2 , making it an extremely convenient location. This hotel is convenient for those boarding an early morning flight or arriving late at night.

The hotel has features unique to an airport hotel, such as some rooms that allow you to see the runway right in front of you.

Location and access (directly connected to the departure lobby in Haneda Airport Terminal 2)

Address: 3-4-2 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0041

TEL: 03-5756-6000  FAX: 03-5757-0706


  • 3 minutes walk from the north exit of Tokyo Monorail "Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station"
  • 5 minutes walk from the 2nd passenger terminal exit of Haneda Airport Terminal 1 and 2 Station on the Keikyu Line
  • Approximately 1 minute from the Shuto Expressway <Airport Central Ramp>, approximately 5 minutes from <Airport West Ramp>

This time we stayed in Excel Twin (runway side)

Details of the room we stayed in

Floor: 3rd floor

Area: 28㎡

Non-smoking: All rooms are non-smoking

Check-in/check-out time (depending on plan)

Check-in 14:00

Check out 11am


Tea set, mineral water, slippers, bath towel, face towel, body soap, facial & hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushing set, razor, hairbrush, body towel, cotton swab, nightwear, deodorant spray, shower cap, cotton, safety box, iron

Room equipment

TV, telephone, electric kettle, refrigerator, hair dryer, warm water bidet toilet seat, air purifier with humidifier function

Hotel exterior, check-in

As you proceed through the departure lobby of Haneda Airport Terminal 2 (ANA side), you will find the hotel entrance.

▼The hotel entrance is here.

▼As soon as you leave the hotel, you will see the check-in lobby.

As soon as you enter the entrance and go to the left, there is a front desk. There were no customers checking in. I was able to get the procedure done right away.

The plan stated that the lobby attendant would help with baggage service for large luggage, but unfortunately they were unable to carry it even though I had a large suitcase that would last for a week. did.

Not only this, but overall I felt that I should not have high expectations for the quality of service and level of customer service. I get the impression that they can't do more than what I asked for.

Guest room review (Excel twin/runway side)

Immediately go to the guest room. Go up in the elevator. It was quite far from the floor to the guest room...I felt that it was a surprisingly long hotel.

▼This is what the guest room looks like

There are 2 beds and 1 sofa bed. This room can accommodate up to 3 people. It felt much larger than I had imagined.

▼Sofa bed

If you are staying with 3 people, this bed will be for 1 person.

▼The table is in front of the TV.



▼There is information about alcohol in room service.

▼Canned mineral water.

▼We have drip type coffee, green tea, and hojicha.

▼The safe is near the door


▼Wash basin


Foam type face and hand soap.



The water area as a whole feels old. The cleaning seems to be done properly.

It will be a unit bath type. It's not very spacious, but if you think of it as the size of a business hotel, it's a typical size.

It had all the basic things, and seemed to be well-maintained and well-maintained. The rooms are quite average. I'm completely satisfied.

runway seen from the window

The biggest advantage of this hotel is the rooms facing the runway . I couldn't help but get excited and was able to take a lot of photos, which I would like to share with you.

The sight of B787s, B777s, and B767s frequently passing by is a sight unique to Haneda Airport.

Below are photos taken from inside the room where we stayed. This photo was taken with a standard zoom lens.

▼Green jet takeoff

You can see airplanes in various movements in a narrow angle of view.

Outside of Haneda Airport, it is rare to see multiple moving planes in the same field of view in such a short period of time. Moreover, I think this is the only place where this happens inside a hotel room.

Even if you just look at it for 10 minutes, you'll see a lot of movement, such as landing, takeoff, and taxiing. I was satisfied with the hotel as it had a very enjoyable view. This hotel is recommended for people who like watching airplanes.

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