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Blog review of rooms at Royal Park Hotel Kurashiki (lounge available)

I stayed at Royal Park Hotel Kurashiki, so I'm going to write a blog-like review of the stay. This convenient hotel is located a 5-minute walk from Kurashiki Station and within walking distance of the Bikan Historical Quarter, a tourist area.

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Blog review of Royal Park Hotel Kurashiki breakfast (Okayama trip)


Details of Royal Park Hotel Kurashiki

TEL 086-436-8500
FAX 086-436-8501
ADRESS 2-6-7 Achi, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture

CI/CO Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 11:00
Main equipment Concierge & Bar Counter (15:00-24:00)
View Lounge Silk (Breakfast 6:30-10:00/Lounge 15:00-24:00)
Large Bath (15:00-24:00/6:00-) 9:00)
Number of rooms 163 rooms
parking Mechanical tower parking for guests only 24 spaces (first come, first served)
1,000 yen (tax included) / 1 night (from 15:00 to 11:00)


・5 minutes walk from JR Kurashiki Station

・About 14 minutes by car from Kurashiki IC

・About 14 minutes by car from Hayashima IC

*Quoted from the official website

hotel reviews

I will review Royal Park Hotel Kurashiki with photos.


▼Click here for the exterior. The building looks like an apartment, but the building itself is white and clean.

▼As you walk through the arcade of the shopping street, you will find the main entrance of the hotel. If you walk from the shopping street, there is a roof, so even on rainy days you can walk from the station without getting wet.

▼The hotel entrance is here. It has a calm atmosphere.

lobby floor

▼The front desk is immediately after entering the entrance. There is also an automatic check-in machine.

▼There is a sofa on the right side of the entrance where you can relax. In the center was a billiards table.

▼For billiards, please make an offer to the front desk. Available hours are from 15:00 to 24:00. Additionally, children under elementary school age are not allowed to use the facility.

Free tasting corner

▼A free tasting corner is available.

tasting corner

You can sample one free drink from six types of local sake, wine, and soft drinks from Okayama Prefecture. Take the coin yourself and choose from the 6 coins on the server. Available hours are from 3pm to midnight.

▲Take the coin and cup from here.

▼When you insert a coin, the button lights up and you press the button for the bottle you want to drink.

▼This is alcohol. From the right: plum wine, sake (junmai daiginjo), and sake (junmai ginjo).

▼This is wine, pione juice, and wild grape juice from the right.

I received a non-alcoholic juice, and it had an elegant taste that allowed me to enjoy the natural taste of grapes without any harsh flavors.

Amenity buffet

▼You can receive some of the amenities from this amenity buffet. It's in front of the elevator, so you'll definitely see it.


▼What you can receive here are toothbrushes, body towels, and cotton swabs. Everything else is available in the room.

cloak room

▼If you want to leave your suitcases etc., you can use this cloakroom. Guests can use it freely. You don't have to ask the reception staff, so you can leave your luggage without hesitation.


▼This is what it looks like when you enter. There is a key that can be set with a number, so you can thread the wire rope through your luggage and lock it.

workout room

▼Training equipment is available. Although there aren't a lot of them, you can get some light exercise. When using the facility, you will need to fill out a consent form at the front desk.

Guest room

Next, I will introduce the guest rooms.

▼The guest room is not large, so the bed takes up most of the room.

▼When you insert the card key, the lights in the room will turn on.

▼A yukata was prepared on the bed.

▼Open the table to find the charging cable.

▼There are two bottles of water.

▼The slippers were also in the drawer.


▼Compact construction.

▼The washstand is also simple

▼Amenities are included here. It is placed in a Kurashiki canvas accessory case, and you can take it home with you. It would make a great souvenir.

▼The bathroom has only a shower. The rain shower is highly appreciated.

▼You can control the bathroom lighting inside the shower booth.


▼This is the view from the room.

lounge silk

All guests have access to the lounge. Available from 15:00 to 0:00. Although it is called a lounge, there is no food available, but it is a space where you can sit comfortably on a chair and have a drink. By the way, this is the same location as the breakfast venue.


▼The state of the seats. There were no customers in the lounge.

▼Drinks are self-service from here.

▼Coffee and matcha latte are available.

▼ Tea and other items were available here.

It is served in a paper cup, so I think it would be a good idea to pour your drink there and then enjoy it in your room.

At the end

This is the blog review of Royal Park Hotel Kurashiki.

This hotel is convenient for sightseeing as it is located in the center of Kurashiki City and close to the Bikan Historical Quarter. Although the rooms are not large, they are functional and clean, so you won't feel uncomfortable.

There is also lounge service, so you can enjoy delicious drinks.

Although I didn't go this time, there is also a large public bath. Of course, it's free for guests. If you are not satisfied with just the shower in your room, you may want to use the public bath.

Overall, I thought it was a hotel with good service and good value for money.

For breakfast reviews, please see here ▼▼.

Blog review of Royal Park Hotel Kurashiki breakfast (Okayama trip)