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Blog review and reviews of Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu breakfast buffet

I stayed at the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu, which is directly connected to the departure lobby of Haneda Airport , so I will write a blog review of the breakfast buffet .

Please see the article ▼▼ for information on the guest rooms (runway view)

[In front of the airport runway] Blog travelogue and review of rooms at Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu


Details of Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu is a hotel that is directly connected to the departure lobby of Haneda Airport Terminal 2, making it an extremely convenient location. This hotel is convenient for those boarding an early morning flight or arriving late at night.

The hotel has features unique to an airport hotel, such as some rooms that allow you to see the runway right in front of you.

Location and access (directly connected to the departure lobby in Haneda Airport Terminal 2)

Address: 3-4-2 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0041

TEL: 03-5756-6000  FAX: 03-5757-0706


  • 3 minutes walk from the north exit of Tokyo Monorail "Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station"
  • 5 minutes walk from the 2nd passenger terminal exit of Haneda Airport Terminal 1 and 2 Station on the Keikyu Line
  • Approximately 1 minute from the Shuto Expressway <Airport Central Ramp>, approximately 5 minutes from <Airport West Ramp>

flyers table

Breakfast venue details

The breakfast venue is the Flyers Table on the lobby floor .

Seats: 196 seats

Floor: 2F

Business hours: 6:00-10:00 (LO9:30)

Price: 2,800 yen for adults (2,500 yen in advance), 1,800 yen for elementary school students, free for preschoolers


▼There was a breakfast guide in the room.

The buffet started on December 5th, and before that it was a set meal or light meal style.

▼Restaurant exterior

Example of MENU

Japanese food

Dried horse mackerel, thick-fried egg, Okinawan mozuku, stewed beef, grated whitebait, simmered domestic hijiki, 2 types of tempura, natto, rice, arashi soup

Western food

Scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, thick-sliced ​​bacon, fries, daily potage, vegetable curry, various breads, mixed salad, yogurt, various fruits


Cola, ginger ale, orange juice, carbonated water, oolong tea, coffee, black tea, latte, cappuccino, milk, American

buffet photo

▼Mozuku, grated whitebait, thick fried egg


▼Dried horse mackerel

▼Tempura, fries

There are plenty of fried foods. Due to its location, there were many foreign customers, so I thought tempura might be a popular menu item.


▼Ara soup

▼Salad corner

▼Boiled eggs

▼Bacon, sausage, ham


▼Daily potage soup


▼Beef Shigureni




▼Soft serve ice cream machine


This was an introduction to the buffet table . It wasn't crowded and I was able to eat at my own pace.

Here is what I actually received. Please understand that I have no sense.

Salads are fresh. I bought it because it was small enough to wear and easy to eat. Also, the thick sliced ​​bacon was fragrant and delicious. I hadn't eaten tempura recently, so I ended up eating a lot even though it was in the morning.

I've only stayed at resort hotels recently, so I felt a slight difference, but I think it's enough for a typical hotel breakfast. The taste was also delicious.

Comprehensive review

We introduced the breakfast at Flyers Table at Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu. Overall, although the menu was small, it seemed to have everything I wanted for breakfast .

Perhaps because of the location, they had to create menus that would satisfy foreigners , but I felt that there were a lot of deep-fried foods and a lot of rich dishes. There were also dishes for people who like Japanese food, such as grilled fish, whitebait, and mozuku.

The lineup and taste were such that I thought it would be enough for breakfast before boarding a plane.

Please see the article ▼▼ for information on the guest rooms (runway view).

[In front of the airport runway] Blog travelogue and review of rooms at Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu