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Blog review of rooms at Royal Park Hotel Takamatsu (all club floor)

I stayed at Royal Park Hotel Takamatsu, so I'm going to write a blog review of the rooms. This all-club floor hotel is located in the center of Takamatsu City.

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Royal Park Hotel Takamatsu details

The meals served in the lounge are explained in the article below.

Introducing the lounge and breakfast at Royal Park Hotel Takamatsu, blog review with photos


TEL 087-823-2222
ADRESS 1-3-11 Kawaramachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture 760-0052

CI/CO Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 11:00
parking [Parking lot on the hotel grounds] First 8 spaces Price: 1,500 yen per night
[Affiliated parking lot] Anabuki coin parking or Marugame Town Shopping District Promotion Association parking lot
(Marugame-san, Marugame Town Municipal North Parking Lot) Price: 1,200 yen per night circle


From Takamatsu Airport

Approximately 30 minutes by taxi (approximately 5,000 yen)

Limousine bus approximately 40 minutes (710 yen)

From Takamatsu Station

Get off at Kawaramachi Station and walk 5 minutes

About 10 minutes by taxi (about 800 yen)

Route bus approximately 10 minutes (170 yen)

Review with photos


As soon as you arrive at the hotel and enter the entrance, you will find the lobby floor where the front desk is located. Although we arrived just before check-in time, it wasn't crowded and the process went smoothly.

▼The lobby floor looks like this. I feel a calm atmosphere.

▼Sit on the sofa and wait for check-in.

Guest room

Next, I will introduce the guest rooms.

▼View of the guest room

▼Although it is not large, it has clean and calming furniture.

▼There is a table by the window.

▼The mirror on the dresser is stylish.

▼There is a clock, telephone, and air purifier next to the bed. There is also a lighting control panel and electrical outlets.

▼The entire wall is stylish. It is in storage and the door can be opened. You can see how they tried to make the most of the small space.

▼Hangers can also be hung on the wall.

▼Trousers presser

▼Luggage stand


▼Coffee, black tea, hojicha

▼Minibar in refrigerator

▼This is an order form. Ochaya juice is a reasonable 150 yen. There are no shops or vending machines in the hotel, so it's worth using.

unit bus

Next, we will introduce the unit bath.


▼Hand & body lotion

▼Bath salts


▼The view from the window is like this.

At the end

This is the blog review of Royal Park Hotel Takamatsu. Located in the center of Takamatsu City, the hotel is only a short walk away from the bustling shopping arcade. All rooms at the hotel are on the club floor, so you can check in while sitting on a chair.

Although the guest rooms are not that spacious, they are particular about amenities, such as bath salts and body cream. The people at the front desk of the hotel were very kind, and when I asked if there was a udon restaurant nearby , they brought me a tourist map and gave me detailed instructions. Overall, I was very satisfied with the customer service.

(Extra edition) Sakaeda udon

I went to the udon restaurant that the front desk of the Royal Park Hotel told me about, so I would like to introduce it to you.

The location is a restaurant called "Sakaeda Udon" located about 5 minutes from the hotel.

▼Store exterior

▼Zaru udon and tempura

Kagawa's popular udon. The price was around 600 yen.

The quality of the noodles was quite high. This is a restaurant that you can only eat in Kagawa. There are many udon restaurants, but I'm glad I was able to ask the hotel staff about it.

The meals served in the lounge are explained in the article below.