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[Accommodation record] Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel breakfast/lunch/dinner blog review/word of mouth

I stayed at Miyakojima I will write a blog-like review of the stay, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner .

For reviews of the rooms, please see here▼▼

[Accommodation record] Blog review/word of mouth of Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel rooms (nationwide travel support)


Details of Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel & Resorts

This hotel is located 13 minutes by car from Miyako Airport and right in front of the beach. The beach in front of you is Yonaha Maehama Beach , which is said to be the most beautiful beach in the East . Just coming here makes me feel glad that I came to Miyakojima.

It is a relatively large hotel, so there are advantages of scale. There are three restaurants and bars in total . The approximately 230 -hectare site is fully equipped with entertainment facilities such as a pool, tennis court, putter golf, and a barbecue house .

Location and access

Address: 914 Yonaha, Shimoji, Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture 906-0305

TEL: 0980-76-2109 FAX: 0980-76-6781

Transfer available: Miyako Airport - Hotel (advance reservation required at least 3 days before your stay)

[Breakfast] Japanese dining Yaebishi

For breakfast, there are two restaurants to choose from: a Japanese-Western buffet and a half-Japanese set meal buffet . This time I chose the Japanese set meal. There is no reservation system, so you can choose the one you like on the day.

By the way, when I passed by Nirai Kanai, another buffet restaurant , there was a line waiting to enter. You can see how popular it is.

Here is a photo of Nirai Kanai▼

This time, we will have breakfast at ``Yaebishi''. ▼

Yaebishi's breakfast is characterized by rice cooked in a pot using firewood.

Click here for menu

  • Pot-cooked rice
    Pot-cooked rice using Aomori Prefecture's ``Seiten no Taiteru''

  • Grilled fish
    : Grilled fish served daily, such as miso-yaki and Yuan-yaki.

  • Small
    bowl Small bowl made with Okinawan ingredients

  • Garnish:
    Kamaboko, grilled seaweed, and pickled bitter gourd

  • Miso soup
    Miso soup made with local miso

  • In addition, several side dishes, salad, yogurt, soft drinks, and coffee are available at the mini buffet corner.

Click here for the Japanese breakfast set. ▼

It consists of grilled fish, a small side dish, and miso soup. This comes with freshly cooked rice.

You can substitute rice and miso soup. It is served in a large tub. ▼

Here is how it is actually cooked. ▼

From the buffet corner, I took the following lineup.

Salads, fried foods, boiled foods, and rice accompaniments are available. Drinks are also available. ▼

Here is a photo of the buffet corner. ▼

This is the salad corner. ▼

Fruit punch and yogurt. ▼

Nuggets and potatoes. ▼

Pineapple and grapefruit. ▼

We also have chikuzenni, dashimaki tamago, boiled tofu, natto, furikake, etc. ▼

There are many types of rice accompaniments. ▼

This is the drink corner. There is also juice. ▼

▲You can take your coffee home with you.

This is an introduction to breakfast with photos. I was happy to be able to eat delicious rice cooked straight from the blue in a pot.

[Dinner] Japanese dining Yaebishi

Next is dinner. Dinner, like breakfast, is Yaebishi.

There were course and kaiseki meals, but this time I made a reservation a la carte (ordering a single item). The reservation was made on the same day. It may not be possible to make a reservation during busy periods, so we recommend making reservations early .


Here is the menu. ▼

Ryukyu small bowl

Aloe ponzu sauce
Gurukun pickled in Nanban
Jimami tofu
Sukugarasu tofu
Grilled Suchica
Boiled Tibichi
Mimiga with peanuts

Single item: 500 yen
Three items: 1,200 yen
Four items: 1,600 yen
Five items: 1,800 yen

local cuisine

Tofu Yo: 600 yen
Rough tea: 1,600 yen
Steamed white fish wrapped in moonpea and shikwasa sauce: 1,800 yen
Island bitter gourd and island tofu champuru: 1,600 yen
Somen champuru: 1,400 yen
Boiled white fish in island maas: 1,800 yen
Miyako soba: 1,200 yen
Wabuni soup and juicy: 1,800 yen

fresh fish

Assorted sashimi: 2,800 yen
Seared Gurukun: 1,800 yen
Assorted sashimi platter (9 pieces): 5,500 yen

Motobu beef from Okinawa Prefecture

Motobu beef sirloin steak from Okinawa: 6,000 yen
Steam-steamed Motobu beef sirloin and Ryumi pork from Okinawa: 3,500 yen

Fried food

Island mozuku and Arthur tempura: 1,500 yen
Assorted Okinawan tiger prawns and island vegetables tempura: 3,500 yen
Deep-fried soki: 1,800 yen
Deep-fried Gurukun: 1,800 yen


Ryumi pork and island tofu salad: 1,300 yen
Island bitter gourd and shrimp salad: 1,300 yen

Review of the menu we received this time

Island bitter gourd and shrimp salad: 1,300 yen▼

The bitter gourd was not bitter and the vegetables were fresh. The tomatoes were also sweet. I thought there was a lot of it, but it was surprisingly delicious.


3 types of Ryukyu small bowls: 1,200 yen▼

You can enjoy 3 types of appetizers in small bowls. Choose something typical of Okinawa. Jimami tofu, mimiga with peanuts, and nanban pickles.


Assorted sashimi (6 types): 3,200 yen▼

This is a stylishly arranged platter. It's fresh fish.


Somen Champuru: 1,400 yen▼

I ordered it thinking of carbohydrates. There are plenty of vegetables, so I think it's suitable for sharing among several people.


Tea (service)▼

I was able to listen to live Okinawan folk songs. ▼

Dinner at Yaebishi mainly features Okinawan and local cuisine. Price-wise, it's more expensive than an izakaya . However, this is a restaurant inside a resort hotel. If you think about it that way, I think it's priced reasonably well. I think you will be satisfied with the meal cost of 5,000 yen per person. This time, it was a visit for two people, and the total cost was approximately 7000 yen, 3500 yen per person. I didn't have any drinks, but I thought it was enough for a meal.

I think the quality is one of the highest in Miyakojima as a whole. The fish was also fresh. You can also enjoy the presentation by paying attention to the presentation.

The live performance of folk songs will instantly give you a feel of Okinawa. Maybe it's because the hours are limited, but I wasn't aware that this kind of performance was going on, so I was pretty happy to see it.

Considering the above, you no longer have the option of moving outside the hotel and going to a restaurant when you want to spend your precious time in Miyakojima relaxedly, but you will be more satisfied if you eat at a restaurant inside the hotel like this one. I think it's expensive.

[Lunch] Bar “Moonshell”

Next, we had lunch at a bar called Moonshell . Although it is called a bar, it has a coffee shop-like atmosphere during the day and becomes a bar where you can enjoy drinks at night.

Exterior/interior photos

This is the building with the moonshell. You can enter from the outside by walking through the garden, or from the inside by following the roof. ▼

There is a shell chandelier on the ceiling. It creates a good atmosphere. ▼

You can see the sea from the window. The setting sun shines in the evening. ▼

Here is the inside of the store. ▼

There are sofa seats, counter seats, and table seats. It wasn't that crowded at noon.


Here is the menu. ▼

The menu is different for lunch and dinner.

a la carte

Miyako soba (with rough tea): 1,880 yen
Curry soba Miyakojima style: 1,770 yen
Yakisoba with sauce (using Miyako soba): 1,630 yen
Carbonara with spam: 1,830 yen
Spaghetti Napolitan: 1,810 yen
American clubhouse sandwich (chicken) with french fries: 1,830 yen
Hot open sandwich with mozzarella cheese and bologna ham: 1,320 yen
Mixed sandwich with ham, cheese, and vegetables: 1,520 yen
Bitter gourd champuru: 1,520 yen
Miyakojima Tokyu Taco Rice: 1,770 yen
Okinawa pork loin cutlet curry: 1,920 yen
Okinawa pork ginger Grilled rice bowl (with soup): 1,830 yen
French fries: 800 yen
Fried chicken with fries: 1,520 yen
Agu pork sausage (2 pieces): 1,760 yen
Fish & chips: 1,730 yen
Mixed salad: 930 yen
Rice, soup, Pickles: 600 yen


Various ice creams (vanilla/brown sugar/purple sweet potato): 790 yen
Today's roll cake: 840 yen
Honey toast with custard pudding and vanilla ice cream: 1,620 yen
Dessert plate: 1,820 yen
Vegan pudding with maple syrup (limited quantity): 700 yen

Prices are those confirmed on the official website at the time of article creation. Unfortunately, prices have increased for most of the menu items.

Review of the menu we received this time

The following two items were received this time.

Mixed sandwich of ham, cheese, and vegetables: 1,420 yen▼

Today's roll cake: 740 yen▼

We had plenty of time, so we took our time and enjoyed coffee and tea. The food had a home-made feel to it, giving me a sense of simplicity and resting my tired stomach from the trip.

The price feels like a resort price. I think it's worth the price because you can relax and enjoy the view of the ocean .


I reviewed breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel . I am only featuring the restaurants that I visited this time, but please note that there are other restaurants within this hotel other than those introduced.

Overall, all of the restaurants we visited this time were of high quality and satisfying. That was the blog review.

For reviews of the rooms, please see here▼▼

[Accommodation record] Blog review/word of mouth of Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel rooms (nationwide travel support)