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[Blog accommodation report] Tokyo Prince Hotel breakfast, rooms, and view review

I stayed at the Tokyo Prince Hotel, so I will review the breakfast, rooms, etc. in this blog accommodation blog. Tokyo Prince Hotel is a hotel located in Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo, where you can see Tokyo Tower from your room.

Tokyo Prince Hotel location/access


Tokyo Tower is right in front of you.

Tokyo Tower is closer than The Prince Park Tower Tokyo.

Access/Telephone number

  • Address: 3-3-1 Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • TEL: 03-3432-1111
  • FAX: 03-3434-5551

By car/taxi

Approximately 10 minutes (normal time) from Tokyo Station, 4km

Approximately 15 minutes (normal time) from Haneda Airport, 16 km
via Shuto Expressway Shiba Park Ramp

Approximately 15 minutes (normal time) from Tokyo City Air Terminal (Hakozaki)

Approximately 80 minutes (normal time) from Narita Airport via Higashi-Kanto Expressway, Keiyo Road, and Shuto Expressway Shiba Park exit

By train

Route/station name Time required
JR Line/Tokyo Monorail Hamamatsucho Station 10 minutes walk
Toei Mita Line Onarimon Station (A1) 1 minute walk
Toei Asakusa Line/Oedo Line Daimon Station (A6) 7 minutes walk
Subway Hibiya Line Kamiyacho Station (No. 3) 10 minutes walk

It is located right next to Exit A1 of the Mita Subway Line. The escalator only goes up, so going up is fine, but going back down the stairs may be difficult.

By bus (free shuttle bus available)

A free shuttle bus runs from Hamamatsucho Station (Daimon Station) to the hotel.

The number of trains is about one per hour. For details, please visit the official website .

Check-in/check-out time

Check-in from 15:00

Check out until 11:00

Hotel photos and reviews

Hotel exterior

Exit the A1 exit of Onarimon Station and walk a little further, and you will see the hotel and Tokyo Tower on your right. If you continue straight, you will come to the front of the hotel. Access from the station is very easy to understand.

This is the entrance.

Immediately after entering the entrance, you will be on the lobby floor. The atmosphere is luxurious and relaxing.

This is the lobby floor. There is a front desk in the back, where you will check in.

It was decorated with large flowers.

This is the elevator platform. Not only is the space quite large, but there are also four elevators, so you can rest assured even when it's crowded.

I immediately headed into the room.

In the guest room

Next is a photo of the inside of the room. This time I stayed in a twin bed room.



There were two pillows and one cushion.

The hardness of the bed itself gave me the impression that it was on the hard side, but I thought it was close to standard. I didn't feel uncomfortable sleeping.

On the shelf next to the bed, there are power sources for lights, electrical outlets, and air conditioning controls.

The air conditioner can be adjusted to be strong or weak, but it can be controlled from your bedside.

Chargers for smartphones were also available.

A phone, clock, and notes are provided.

Stylish objects on the wall.

Room facilities/drinks/equipment related

The air conditioner is installed on the wall.

There is a desk and chair where you can do some small tasks.

There is a mirror in front of the desk. It can also be used as a dresser.

There is a small desk and chair next to the bed.

There is a TV, but it is small.

There is water for each person and a kettle on the desk.

There were 3 laundry bags.

There are enough pajamas for each person.

Refrigerator, tea, tea cup, glasses.

A rack that can be used to store luggage.

inside the closet


Water area (toilet/bathroom)

This room is a unit bath type. It has a compact structure similar to that found in business hotels. It feels a little old, but it seemed like it had been thoroughly cleaned.

Body soap, shampoo, and conditioner are made by Pola.

The hot water outlet in the shower is quite narrow, which may be uncomfortable for some people.

The view from the room

Next is the view that can be seen from the guest room window. This room has a view of Tokyo Tower, so you can see Tokyo Tower right in front of you outside the window.

This hotel is unique in that you can see Tokyo Tower from such a close distance.

breakfast review

Now, let's start with a review of the breakfast.

Exterior of restaurant

Breakfast is served at the restaurant Porto on the third floor.

Breakfast costs 2,900 yen for adults and 1,600 yen for children.

There was a staff member at the entrance who guided us right away. I arrived around 8 o'clock, and about 80% of the seats were occupied.

Soup type

Next, let's take a look at the buffet style food.

The whole buffet corner looks like this. When preparing the food, I disinfect it, which has become commonplace at buffets since the coronavirus, and wear plastic gloves.

White rice, porridge, curry, minestrone, and miso soup are available.

Accessories (hijiki, kinpira, dashimaki egg)

Hijiki, kinpira burdock, pickled plums, pickled vegetables, dashimaki tamago, and chilled yakko.

Onsen eggs and udon.

salad corner

This is the salad corner. There's lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mixed beans, and pumpkin salad. Here is a photo of the other side.

Bread (croissants, pain au chocolat, etc.)

Next was the bread corner, which was covered with napkins to prevent dust from covering it. Types of bread included white bread, croissants, raisin Danish, and pain au chocolat.

I had a croissant, pain au chocolat, and raisin danish.

hot meal type

The order is French fries, spring rolls, teriyaki chicken, and grilled mackerel.

The lid is on, so you can't see the photos of the food, but the order is short pasta with tomato sauce, sausage, crispy bacon, and bacon.

In the back, the omelets are made right in front of you. In addition, there are scrambled eggs and hamburgers.

cheese ham

There were quite a variety of cheese and ham.

From the front, bell cube cheese, cheddar cheese, smoked cheese, beer salami, and paprikaliona are lined up.

dessert corner

Next is dessert. It is housed in a glass showcase right after entering the entrance.

Pineapple, melon, apple, and grapefruit.

Yogurt, pudding, etc.

Drink corner

We have a wide range of drinks you'll want to drink in the morning, such as milk and vegetable juice. There was also vinegar, coffee, matcha latte, cola, and orange juice.

actual arrangement

Here is a photo of the actual arrangement.

I had the impression that the lineup was limited to the most important parts, creating a buffet that would satisfy everyone.

Other hotel facilities

convenience store

There is a Lawson on the first basement floor.

Vending machine/ice machine

A vending machine was available on the guest room floor.

This is the ice maker. There is also alcohol disinfectant next to it.

Lounge (Pikake)

The space is open and spacious. You can purchase fresh sweets such as cakes.

Overall review/summary

Above, I have reviewed Tokyo Prince Hotel, including photos.

This hotel is unique in that you can see Tokyo Tower right in front of you. When staying overnight, we recommend choosing a room with a view of Tokyo Tower and enjoying the view of Tokyo Tower as it changes over time.

The inside of the room feels old. There is a feeling that the furniture and bathroom are showing their age.

The shower uses a nozzle with a fairly narrow water outlet, probably to increase the water pressure. I can feel the water hitting my body. I thought some people might find it difficult.

Air conditioning is managed centrally within the building, so there are periods of cooling and periods of heating. This may be a problem if you want to use the heating during the cooling period or vice versa.

There were no issues with noise or vibration in the cabin.

As for breakfast, I was quite satisfied. Basically, it was nice to have whatever I wanted to eat for breakfast. There was nothing that left a lasting impression on me, but since it was morning, I guess that's okay. I think.

This hotel is suitable for sightseeing in Tokyo and business.