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[Lounge available] InterContinental Tokyo Bay Executive Floor Blog Accommodation Record

I stayed on the executive floor of the InterContinental Tokyo Bay, so I will introduce it in my blog about the stay. You can enter the Japanese (Nagomi) lounge in this room. This will be my second stay here. We will also introduce the inside of the guest room and the menu in the lounge.

What is InterContinental Tokyo Bay?

InterContinental Tokyo Bay is a hotel located on the coast of Minato Ward, Tokyo, along the Sumida River. This is a major hotel belonging to the IHG group. From the guest rooms, you can see Odaiba and the Sky Tree, including the Rainbow Bridge. The hotel has 330 rooms.

There are two lounges for guests: the Club InterContinental Lounge on the 20th floor and the Japanese Lounge on the 3rd floor. On the executive floor where I stayed this time, you can only enter the Japanese lounge. The Japanese Lounge is a new lounge that opened in spring 2021.

Hotel details

Name of facility Intercontinental Tokyo Bay
Number of rooms 330 rooms
check-in 15:00
check out 12:00
address 1-16-2 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8576
phone 03-5404-2222
parking 172 spaces
(use of public parking lot under the hotel)
Official website

InterContinental Tokyo Bay location/access

A hotel conveniently located from the airport and Tokyo Station

The hotel is easily accessible from both land and air, taking about 6 minutes from Tokyo Station to Hamamatsucho Station, and 16 minutes at the fastest from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho Station. In addition, you can go directly to the hotel from the nearest Yurikamome Line Takeshiba Station, making it very convenient.



Directly connected to the hotel from New Transit Yurikamome Takeshiba Station.
8 minutes walk from JR/Monorail Hamamatsucho Station.
8 minutes walk from Toei Oedo Line/Asakusa Line Daimon Station.
5 minutes from the Shiba Park/Shiodome exit on Shuto Expressway Route 1, 20 minutes from Haneda Airport.
A limousine bus runs round-trip from Narita Airport in 70 minutes in front of the hotel.

Introducing the executive floor with lounge and accommodation costs

Executive floor rooms are on the 14th, 15th, 18th, and 19th floors. Of these, you can only use the Japanese lounge on the 14th and 15th floors. The room I stayed in this time was the ``Superior River View'', which is the most reasonable room on the executive floor. The area is 35㎡.

The Japanese Lounge is available for breakfast, welcome time, and cocktail time.

This time we stayed for 2 people and it cost 20,100 yen.

Considering that it costs 10,000 yen per person and includes dinner and breakfast, it feels cheap.

Introducing the hotel with photos

Here, we will introduce the hotel with photos.


This hotel is directly connected to Takeshiba Station on the Yurikamome Line.

Intercontinental Tokyo Bay looks like this.

It has a cool appearance typical of InterContinental. This hotel has a relatively calm atmosphere.

In the guest room

Here are some photos of the inside of the room.

From the official website

Here are the actual photos taken. There is almost no difference from the official photo. The interior of the guest room has a calm atmosphere based on white.

I feel particular about furniture. There is a dog object.



When you open the stylish shelf door, you'll find Nespresso and Tefal.

There are two bottles of water, enough for each person, and a container of ice. There is an ice machine installed outside your room, so you can use it.

When I opened the drawer further, there were cups, tea cups, and coffee cups.

There are two types of Nespresso. The firm-bodied ``Roma'' and the decaf ``Volute Decaf.'' Both allow you to enjoy authentic espresso. By adjusting the amount of hot water, you can make it as thick as you like.

Next is the contents of the refrigerator.

The refrigerator contains soft drinks, alcohol, and snacks.

There is a fee, but I think it's a good idea to use it when you can't go shopping, but I didn't use it this time.


Next, I will introduce you to the inside of the closet.

Pajamas and bathrobes are provided.

We also have extra pillows.

View from the room (river view)

Next, I will introduce the view inside the room. This time we stayed in a river view room. The other side of this room has a bay view, and you can see Rainbow Bridge and other areas towards Odaiba.

From here, you can see the Sky Tree in the back. There is also the "Takeshiba Passenger Ship Terminal" right below the hotel. Depending on the day and time, you can see ships moored.

Although it is different from the bay view, the inside of the room is almost the same, so I think that whichever is better. Stay with someone you like. Last time I stayed, I stayed at Bay View and enjoyed the view. In terms of accommodation rates, Bay View is often cheaper.

In-room dining

Click here for the in-room dining menu in your room. Not only can you enjoy afternoon tea, but you can also order meals like bento boxes.

Facility information/Others

Here is the guide to the Japanese lounge.

The bed is a product jointly developed with Sealy. The duvet and pillow are jointly developed products with Showa Nishikawa. I can feel their commitment to bedding.

When I stayed there a year ago, they had a bottle of portable alcohol disinfectant spray.

Japanese lounge review

Let's start with a review of the Japanese Lounge, which is exclusive to Executive Floor guests who have booked a plan that includes a Japanese Lounge. First of all, here is the entrance. The place is located on the 3rd floor.

Business hours are from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

welcome time

As I was waiting to check in at the front desk, a staff member approached me from the side and asked, ``Do you want to use the club lounge or the Japanese lounge?'' I told her, ``I would like to use the Japanese lounge,'' and she checked me in. You can now enjoy the inn in the lounge.

And while we were getting ready, we were served tea and matcha pudding.

Drinks and coffee in the refrigerator are available for free.

Click here for sweets. There were rice crackers and chocolate sweets.

Cocktail time (17:30-19:30.LO19:00)

It was time for cocktail hour, so I headed straight to the lounge. It wasn't very crowded, with only about 20% of the customers.

It will be a combination of set meal style and buffet style. The main dishes will be brought to you by the staff. The style is to bring your own sweets and drinks from the bar corner.

Cheese and pickles. There was also bottled beer and chilled ramune.

We had wine, Mio, and sake. In addition, soft drinks can continue to be consumed during welcome time.

Breakfast (8:00-11:00.LO10:30)

Breakfast is a set meal style. Click here for the menu.

It wasn't crowded at breakfast time either. It is around 20% of the total.

Click here for photos of the dishes. There are quite a lot of them.

I felt that they were particular about each and every item. Most of the dishes were mainly Japanese and had light seasonings, so I was satisfied with the breakfast.

When I stayed previously, a female staff member wearing a kimono was there to assist me, but this time there was no staff member wearing a kimono in the lounge. I'm not particularly dissatisfied, but...

This is a review blog of InterContinental Tokyo Bay's Executive Floor (with Japanese lounge).