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[Blog accommodation report] Breakfast, rooms, and view review of Shinagawa Prince Hotel (Annex)

I recently stayed at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Annex using the recent travel discount system, so I will write a review of the room and breakfast as a blog-like account of my stay.

Tokyo Prince Hotel location/access


4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8611

TEL: 03-3440-1111

 This hotel is conveniently located in front of Shinagawa Station.

Access (2 minutes walk from Shinagawa station)

By train

Route/station name Time required
Shinkansen/JR/Keikyu Line Shinagawa  Station (Takanawa Exit) About 2 minutes walk
Keikyu Line  Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Station Fastest 14 minutes
Shinkansen/JR Line/Keikyu Line  International Terminal Station Fastest 11 minutes

By taxi/car

  • Approximately 30 minutes from Haneda Airport
  • Approximately 20 minutes from Tokyo Station
  • About 15 minutes from GinzaParking Fee

For overnight guests only (one car for 24 hours)...1,500 yen

Room equipment

・Desk lamp ・Transformer ・Weight scale ・Trousers press ・Buckwheat pillow ・Blanket (single/double) ・Kurukuru hair dryer ・humidifier
・humidifying air purifier ・air purifier ・electric fan ・humidifying warm air fan (heater) ・DVD player (Playback only)
・Blu-ray player・Yukata (regular/L size)・Pajamas (S size/F size/L size)・Children's yukata (90cm/120cm)
・Baby cot (100cm/122cm)・Bed guard
・Children's set (1 set of toothbrush, slippers, and small hand towel) *Children's toothbrush and slippers are also available separately
・Bath anti-slip mat (only one permanently installed in the priority room)
・Bath chair ・LAN cable ・Extension cord ・Iron/Various overseas adapters (2 pin: 3 types, 3 pin: 2 types)

[Standard equipment in the room]
・Mobile charger・Electric kettle (kettle on Millennial floor)・Hair dryer・Ice bucket
・Vertical trouser press *8th to 29th floors Corner rooms only
・Desk lamp *8th to 29th floors
・Iron * Rooms 20 and 21 on the 8th to 29th floors only

Hotel exterior photo

Exit the Takanawa exit of Shinagawa Station, cross the crosswalk, and follow the road until you arrive at the entrance of Shinagawa Prince Hotel.

I wasn't able to take very good photos because it was night, but it's a fairly large hotel, so you can easily see it when you go there.

Check-in (from 15:00)

It was after 6pm when we arrived. The line of people waiting to check in at the main tower of Shinagawa Prince Hotel was huge.

The line was so long that you might have to wait for over an hour just to check in. Self-check-in machines cannot be used to verify vaccination certificates or negative certificates, so people are forced to wait in lines like this.

If you have Prince Hotel status, you can use the priority check-in counter. There wasn't a line here, and it seemed like they would guide us right away. I got the impression that there were not many guests with status.

Our accommodation this time was not in the main tower where there was a long line, but in the annex building.

The annex building is connected to the main tower, and the front desk is located 7 floors up by elevator.

And here is the check-in queue for the Annex building where we will be staying this time. Not as much as the main tower.

The line breaks in the middle, and after securing a passage, there is a line in another place, but there are only a few people in line. If the line moves forward, the hotel staff will guide you to the front. Along the way, some people cut in and ended up lining up, whether they knew it or not. When the hotel staff noticed, they were guiding them to the end of the line, but some people didn't notice and stayed there.

Of course, there is also a self-check-in machine in the annex building. However, not many people were using it.

This check-in took about 30 minutes.

As expected, it took time at the counter to explain the discount system and provide proof of vaccination.

The front floor has a stylish atmosphere. The interior is casual.

Room reviews

Next, we will introduce the guest rooms.

The room we stayed in this time was a double room. At 20.41 square meters, it is not large.

This is a simple type of room with a bed in the center.

There were two pillows that were the same.

The TV was wall-mounted to save space.

There is a space by the window with a table and refrigerator.

LAN cables and smartphone chargers are provided.

This is a dresser with a mirror.

There were two bottles of water.

Cups and water heaters are also provided.

Next is the water area.

We have body soap, shampoo, and conditioner made by Pola.

Dinner (Food Court Shinagawa Kitchen)

I wanted to have a quick dinner, so I went to a food court called Shinagawa Kitchen on the second floor of the Annex Tower.

Inside the food court, you'll find okonomiyaki, yakiniku, pizza, udon, curry, and more, all of which are authentic.

This time I had the Quattro Formaggi pizza. All ordering and pick-up is self-service, but the pizzas are baked from the dough after ordering, giving it an authentic feel. I got a call in about 15 minutes, and when I picked it up, it was a freshly made pizza.

Hot, freshly baked pizza was easily available.

Breakfast (Hapuna)

The breakfast venue is a restaurant called Hapuna. Since the day I stayed was on a busy schedule, there was another venue in the annex, but this time I chose Hapuna.

When I went there around 8am, there was a huge line. I expected it to be crowded, but it was more than I expected.

Eating breakfast isn't easy either.

It's a large restaurant, so we were seated within 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, there were too many people, so I wasn't able to take many photos of the food.


Hapuna specialty? I also had the pork bowl (or beef bowl).

There are also fruits and cakes.

Overall review/summary

This is my review of Shinagawa Prince Hotel.

Shinagawa Prince Hotel is the hotel with the largest number of guest rooms in Japan, and the number of guests is quite large accordingly. On Saturdays, Sundays, and the days before holidays, there are many guests, so you may get caught up in the crowds at check-in and breakfast.

Regarding the rooms, I feel like it's an average class hotel, and my impression is that it's okay. The bed was the standard hardness that Japanese people prefer. There are two pillows, so the height can be easily adjusted. In terms of room temperature, there is individual air conditioning, so you can adjust cooling and heating. There were no issues with noise or vibration in the cabin.

For the shower, I use a nozzle with a fairly narrow water outlet, probably to increase the water pressure. I can feel the water hitting my body. I thought some people might find it difficult.

The hotel has a variety of facilities unique to a large hotel, such as a convenience store, restaurant, food court, movie theater, aquarium, and bowling alley. You can spend a whole day just inside the hotel.

You may have to wait in line for breakfast, but being in a large venue makes it feel like entertainment.

The hotel has convenient transportation, so I think it's suitable for sightseeing in Tokyo and business.