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[Miyakojima Kurima Resort] Seawood Hotel guest room blog travelogue and review (nationwide travel support)

I stayed at the Seawood Hotel on Kurima Island, just across the bridge from Miyako Island in Okinawa , so I'm going to write a blog-like review of the hotel.

▼▼Please see this article for breakfast reviews. ▼▼

[Miyakojima Kurima Resort] Seawood Hotel breakfast blog review/word of mouth (nationwide travel support)


Details of Miyakojima Kurima Seawood Hotel

Miyakojima Kurima Seawood Hotel is a resort hotel located in Miyakojima Kurima. It was a hotel where you could spend a relaxing time while looking at the beautiful sea of ​​Miyakojima up close.

This hotel opened in February 2020 and is located about 10 minutes across Kurima Ohashi Bridge, which connects to Miyakojima.

There are two types: independent villa houses and hotel-style Shuri Houses . There are 102 villa houses with private pools and 5 with jacuzzis. The hotel building has 2 suites and 60 deluxe rooms.

This is a resort-type hotel with a total of 169 rooms.

Nearby, there is a beautiful beach called Nagahama Beach that is visited by many tourists.

Location and Access (Shuttle bus available)

Address: 484-7 Shimoji Kurima, Miyakojima City, Okinawa 906-0306

TEL: 0980-74-7888

<Shuttle bus> There is a free shuttle service
that runs regularly between Miyako Airport and Seawood Hotel .

*Reservations must be made at least 3 days before the date of use.
Reservations/Inquiries 0980-74-7888 (10:00-17:00)

09:50 Departing from Seawood Hotel
10:50 Departing from Miyako Airport

11:30 Depart from Seawood Hotel
12:30 Depart from Miyako Airport

13:10 Depart from Seawood Hotel
14:10 Depart from Miyako Airport

14:50 Depart from Seawood Hotel
15:50 Depart from Miyako Airport

16:30 Depart from Seawood Hotel
17:30 Depart from Miyako Airport

18:10 Depart from Seawood Hotel

・Haneda Airport/Narita Airport---Miyako Airport/Miyako Shimojishima Airport: Direct flight approximately 3 hours
・Kansai Airport---Miyako Airport/Miyako Shimojishima Airport: Direct flight approximately 2 hours 30 minutes
・Chubu International Airport---Miyako Airport: Approximately 2 hours 40 minutes by direct
flight Fukuoka Airport---Miyako Airport: Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes by direct
flight Naha Airport---Miyako Airport: Approximately 50 minutes

<By car>
- From Miyako Shimojishima Airport:
Approximately 40 minutes via Irabu Ohashi - National Route 390 - Kurima Ohashi Bridge -
From Miyako Airport:
Approximately 20 minutes via Kurima Ohashi Bridge

*Use a car navigation system
Because the hotel has just opened, it may not be registered in your car navigation system. We recommend entering the map code.
[Map code] 1 072 194 791*21

*For car navigation systems that do not have a map code function,
enter Kurima Island at Shimoji Kurima, Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture, and you will see a signboard for Seawood Hotel on the left side of the road.

Check-in/check-out time (depending on plan)

Check-in 15:00

Check out 11am


Unlike regular hotels, the building where the guest rooms are actually located is quite far away from the reception desk . There is a reception desk, shop, etc. in the building called " Ryugu House ".

This time I visited by car. We slowly walked through the large grounds and headed to the parking lot. It seems quiet, probably because it's not the busy season. Park your car and head to the check-in location. Please note that there was no car valet service.

▼Ryugu House (The front desk is here.)

There was a welcome drink . It was the hotel's original apple and guava juice . It had a relatively light taste and was easy to drink.

The service hours were from 14:00 to 20:00. ▼▼

After check-in, you will be transported to your room using a cart . Transportation within the resort is basically by cart.

This time we will be staying at Shuri House, which is a hotel type hotel .

▼▼Many carts are stopped. The hotel will do the driving.

As soon as we moved for 2-3 minutes, we saw the hotel building "Shuri House" where we would be staying this time. ▼▼

Hotel staff guided us to our rooms.

Room review (Shuri House)

bed, table

Next, I will introduce the guest rooms.

▼▼First of all, the bed.

▼▼This is what it looks like from the other side.

This will be a twin bedroom.


▼▼A table and chairs are placed against the wall.

▼▼This is what it looks like when you open the blinds and look out the window. The sea can be seen in the distance.

▼▼Continued, around the desk.

▼▼Equipments are compactly stocked.

▼▼There is also space to store your luggage.



▼▼The closet is relatively large.

▼▼A fan was provided. It can be said that it is unique to Okinawa.

▲Safes, slippers, etc.


We would like to introduce you to other equipment and amenities.

▼▼I was able to check the hotel information on the TV.

▼▼There were two bottles of water.

▼▼There were high quality items such as coffee drip packs and Tsujiri green tea.


▼▼Next, let me introduce you to the bathroom. The washbasin is simple and clean.

▲Towels and scales are provided.

▼I get the impression that the amenities are minimal.

▼Next, let me introduce you to the bath. The bathtub seems quite large.

It looks like it will fit comfortably.

▼The nice thing about it is that it comes with a rain shower.

▼Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap.

It is made by THANN. This is the type I see occasionally.

The bathtub is large enough that even an adult man can stretch his legs.

It takes time to boil water.

▲This is the toilet.

Other/Women's amenities

Seawood Hotel has to be outside once to go to the reception, breakfast venue, and parking lot. Since Miyakojima is prone to changeable weather, it is very helpful to have umbrellas available for rent.

The same umbrella was prepared in the room as well. We found that there were enough umbrellas available.

At check-in, I received an amenity that is given to female customers. It comes in a beautiful bag.

Here is the contents.

It contained makeup remover, lotion, emulsion, pack, etc. It's fulfilling. Very kind.

Ikkyu Diamond member benefits

This time, I made a reservation with Ikkyu's Diamond membership plan.

Diamond member benefits include:

  • Late check-out until 12:00 (usually 11:00) (subject to availability at time of check-in)
  • Hotel original sweets (1 set per reservation) (You will receive a small gift certificate that can be picked up at the hotel shop)
  • 2,000 yen in-house voucher (cannot be used for payment at check-out. Change will not be given.)
  • 1 bottle of sparkling wine (half bottle) per pair of 2 people (exclusive benefit for guests using dinner at the hotel restaurant)

This time I used the above three.

First of all, it's a 2,000 yen in-facility ticket.

This ticket can be used at the shop in Ryugu House (the building with the front tower). You can purchase souvenirs, drinks, and snacks .

Next, welcome sweets for two people . I was told that this can also be exchanged at the shop.

I was wondering what the welcome sweets were. When I asked the shop staff, I was told that I could get Blue Seal ice cream from the freezer. It said it was an original sweet, but I didn't think much of it and chose the ice cream instead.

I had cheesecake ice cream . There is no freezer in the room, so you will need to have it as soon as you return.

Here are the things I purchased with the in-house ticket. The purchase amounted to exactly 2,000 yen. Purchase water, snacks, etc. Perfect for filling your stomach.

It's amazing that you can get this as a Diamond benefit.

Late check-out can be extended by 1 hour longer than usual. I was able to stay there until the last minute at 12pm and was able to relax .

I thought this hotel was very fulfilling as a Diamond member benefit. Although I didn't use it this time, I think the complimentary half-bottle of sparkling wine, which is only available when you use the restaurant for dinner, is pretty amazing.

Comprehensive review

This is the room review of Miyakojima Seawood.

It is located approximately 20 minutes by car from Miyako Airport, and has good access. Conveniently located, yet spacious villas and hotel rooms are perfect for relaxing.

Since the resort is vast , I felt sorry for the inconvenience but asked for a shuttle. It's close to the beach, so you can feel like you're in a resort.

In addition, even if you are traveling with children, you can stay in a villa without worrying about other people watching you. The hotel type seemed to be relatively calm, with many adults staying there.

The room was a relaxing space with no unnecessary noise. Since the bath is relatively large , we recommend adding bath salts to enjoy it.

I think everyone enjoys it in different ways, but this is a hotel that both adults and children can enjoy .

▼▼Please see this article for breakfast reviews. ▼▼

[Miyakojima Kurima Resort] Seawood Hotel breakfast blog review/word of mouth (nationwide travel support)