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[Okinawa Blog Accommodation Report] Review of Hotel Collective and the inside of the room (cheap travel with nationwide travel support)

I stayed at Hotel Collective located in the center of Kokusai Dori in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, so I will write a blog-like review of the stay. Not only is the hotel convenient for sightseeing, but the quality of the rooms is also high.

 What is Hotel Collective?

Hotel Collective is a new city hotel that opened in the spring of 2020. The hotel features an outdoor pool, spa with sauna, and fitness center.

The hotel also has a large banquet hall and a chapel, so you can also host weddings there.

About the guest rooms

  • Superior twin...30㎡
  • Deluxe twin...33㎡ - 35㎡
  • Premium twin...30㎡
  • Junior suite...67㎡
  • Presidential seat...161㎡

Room equipment (superior twin)

TV  /  Satellite broadcasting  /  CS broadcasting  /  Telephone  /  Kettle pot  /  Tea set  /  Refrigerator  /  Hair dryer  /  Toilet with washer  /  Body soap  /  Shampoo  /  Rinse  /  Body lotion /  Face  & hand soap   Toothbrush set  /  Razor  /  Shower cap  /  Brush  /  Nails File  /  magnifier  /  scale  /  coffee machine  jewelry tray  /  humidifying air purifier  /  towel  /  bath towel / nightwear  /  slippers  /  safe  /  umbrella  / 

Rental equipment

Dehumidifier, heater, Blu-ray player (hard), desk lamp, trouser press, iron, ironing board, clothes steamer, drying rack, full-length mirror, baggage rack, shoe dryer, deodorizing dryer, extension cord, conversion plug, brush pen, Earth no mat, multi-portable charger, reading glasses (weak/medium/strong), vase, HDMI cable, ice pack, kimono hanger, first aid kit, nail clippers, tweezers, tweezers, screwdriver set, thermometer, sewing set, men's cosmetics 3 Item set, blanket, non-allergenic pillow, memory foam pillow, buckwheat hull pillow, bath pillow, hair curl dryer, hair iron (straight & curl), body pillow for pregnant women, 4-piece set of women's cosmetics, sunscreen, shower for handicap Chairs, bus boards for handicapped people, vibrator alarms for visually impaired people, indoor signaling devices for visually impaired people, wheelchairs, UNO, Game of Life, Othello, playing cards

Hotel Collective location/access

Address: 2-5-7 Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa 900-0014

Phone number: 098-860-8366


  • Monorail: Approximately 7 minutes walk from Kencho-mae Station, fare 270 yen
  • Bus: Take number 125 or 120 from the domestic passenger terminal, get off at Matsuo bus stop, walk about 0 minutes, fare 240 yen
  • Taxi: Approximately 15 minutes from Naha Airport, fare: 1,500 yen to 2,000 yen

Check-in/check-out time

Check-in from 15:00

Check out until 11:00

Ikkyu Diamond Benefits

This time I made a reservation through, so I was able to take advantage of Diamond member benefits. The benefits are as follows.

  • Free parking during your stay
  • Late check-out until 13:00 (usually 11:00) (subject to availability at check-in)
  • Hotel limited design Sui Savon (Shuri soap) present (1 piece per room (1 stay))

I didn't use a car this time, so I didn't take advantage of the free parking benefit, but I did take advantage of the other two benefits.

I had no choice but to check out late since I had not contacted them in advance, but when I checked on the day to see if it was possible, I was told that it would not be possible until 13:00 due to the next reservation, but it would be possible until 12:00. That was the answer. I agreed to 12 o'clock and got an extension.

Click here for soaps designed exclusively for hotels.

I thought it was just soap, but it turned out to be quite high-quality. They were also sold at Naha Airport. Two pieces were sold for about 1,500 yen. I don't think it's the same product, but I think it's a good one considering it's free.

Hotel photos and reviews

After finishing dinner, we arrived at the hotel around 7pm. You will soon arrive while walking along Kokusai Street while sightseeing. It's a large hotel so you don't have to worry about getting lost.

Hotel exterior

Front lobby floor

As soon as you enter the main entrance, you will find the front lobby floor. There was no one checking in, and the process was quickly completed.

The hotel has plenty of restaurants, so you can even enjoy your meals within the hotel during your stay.

Room review (superior twin)

Take the elevator to the guest room floor. It has a calm atmosphere.

Here's the bed.

This is a compact 30㎡ room.

This is what the room looks like from the window. The bath is made of glass.

The view from the room is like this. Since it is a hotel in the city, we cannot fly the aircraft. It would be better to think of it as a window for daylight.

There are pajamas on the bed.

There is a sofa and a small desk.

Room equipment related

On the desk was a mask and a stylish Ryukyu glass lamp.

Two bottles of water. UCC coffee maker and tea are provided.

UCC's coffee types are City Roast and Mild Roast. The lineup includes strong bitterness and mild bitterness.

There is also an air purifier.

The air conditioner can be operated from the bedside. You can finely adjust the temperature and air volume settings, so you can adjust the temperature to a comfortable level.

Of course, lighting can also be controlled.

There was alcohol such as Orion beer and Sanpin tea in the refrigerator. I wasn't sure what to drink, so when I checked the details of my reservation, I was told that it was a gift to celebrate the opening of the restaurant. Thank you very much.

Authentic teapots are also available.

The size of the TV has an impact. There was a large 60-inch TV in the 30 square meter room, so it had quite a presence. You can check the hotel area information here.

Next, I will introduce the closet.

There are three-dimensional hangers that will not lose their shape. There are also deodorant sprays, umbrellas, brushes, shoehorns, etc. Also, when you open the closet, the door covers the glass part of the bath, so it can be used as a blindfold. There is also a blind on the bath side.

Disposable slippers with cushioning are available. Shoecloths, laundry bags, and safes are also available here.


There is a big mirror.

Shower/Water area

Next is the washroom.

This is a calm and chic washbasin. There is a sense of unity with white and brown.

FACE&HAND soap is made by AD VITAM and has a mature scent.

In addition to the usual amenities, there was also mouthwash and nail care (nail sharpener).

Bathrobes for two people are also provided.

Next is the bathroom.

The bathroom is spacious and bright with large windows.

There is also a rain shower on the ceiling.

Body soap, shampoo, and conditioner are also AD VITAM.

Comprehensive review

Hotel Collective is a newly opened hotel that opened in 2020. Therefore, the facilities in the hotel were new and clean. This time we stayed with two people, and since it was during the nationwide travel support period, we were able to stay at the hotel for 10,000 yen cheaper. I also received a coupon worth 2,000 yen (stay overnight on Saturday). It was a great trip.

The guest rooms have a mature, calming atmosphere that is quite satisfying. There is no noise around you, and there is no problem with noise.

Also, the bed was comfortable. It was a shame that there was only one pillow, but it wasn't a problem for sleeping. I think you can get extra pillows if you wish.

Regarding customer service, there were many foreign employees, but I felt that they could speak polite Japanese without any problems, and the customer service was of high quality.

I was grateful that Ikkyu's Diamond benefit allowed me to extend my checkout until 12pm instead of the usual 11am. You can walk around Kokusai Dori around 11 o'clock, buy some food or something, eat in your room, and then check out.

I thought this hotel was a high quality hotel that people of all ages could enjoy. This is Hotel Collective's blog accommodation report.