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Double Tree by Hilton Naha breakfast buffet (Blue Seal ice cream also available)

This time we will introduce the breakfast at DoubleTree by Hilton Naha. The DoubleTree chain offers relatively inexpensive accommodation within the Hilton chain. For breakfast, you can enjoy a buffet-style meal that includes Okinawan specialties.

DoubleTree by Hilton Naha details

Double Tree by Hilton Naha
TEL: 098-862-0123 FAX: 098-862-2804
location 3-15 Higashimachi, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture 900-0034
parking For overnight stays, 1,500 yen per car per night (within 24 hours), free access.
nearest station Asahibashi Station
access About 10 minutes by Yui Rail from Naha Airport Station, get off at the 5th station, Asahibashi Station, 8 meters from the west exit elevator of the station.
Transfer none
breakfast Buffet style
Number of rooms 225 rooms
Check-in time 15:00~24:00
Check-out time 11:00

The advantage of this hotel is that it is easily accessible from the airport and that it is within walking distance of Naha Bus Terminal, where many buses depart for various parts of Okinawa Prefecture.

It takes at least 10 minutes to the airport. The bus terminal is a 2 minute walk away. It is convenient not only for sightseeing in the center of Naha city and Kokusai Street, but also for traveling to the central and northern parts of the prefecture.

The parking lot can accommodate up to 200 cars, and parking is guaranteed for guests.

When you check in, you will receive a special American-sized chocolate chip cookie made with a secret recipe for each person.

The rooms are explained in detail in the article below.

Room review of Double Tree by Hilton Naha (close to Yui Rail Station)


This time I stayed with the HPCJ plan.

I made a reservation using the HPCJ plan . HPCJ is a paying member of Hilton. Once you join, you can enjoy a 25% discount on Hilton accommodations whenever you book.

From the official website

▼Hotel exterior (Asahibashi Station on the bottom right)

▼Bus stop where the bus bound for Naha Airport stops

Viewed from the hotel, there is a bus stop and bus terminal on the opposite side of Asahibashi Station.

The Riverside Cafe & Dining (1st floor)


The breakfast venue is Cafe & Dunning on the 1st floor.

time [Weekdays] 6:30-10:30
[Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays] 6:30-11:00
Fee Adults 2,200 yen, children (6 to 12 years old) 1,100 yen, children 5 and under free
*Prices shown include tax and service charge.
place The Riverside Cafe & Dining (1st floor)

For breakfast, not only Japanese and Western menus, but also bitter gourd champuru and Okinawa soba made with local Okinawan ingredients are served on a daily basis.

Daily menu example

The menu listed on the official website is as follows.

Okinawan cuisine

  • Okinawa brown sugar curry
  • Carrot Shirishiri
  • Bitter gourd champuru
  • Braised chicken meatballs
  • Deep-fried island tofu with ankake sauce
  • Okinawan style salt fried noodles
  • Squid ink noodle yakisoba
  • Okinawa soba
  • Mozuku vinegar
  • Red potato salad
  • Pickled Chinese cabbage with mozuku
  • NEW hotel special! Colorful island vegetable pickles
  • Island vegetable and fruit smoothie
  • aloe and mango compote
  • Hotel special Sata Andagi

cold dishes

  • thick fried egg
  • Cheddar cheese
  • mentaiko potato salad
  • Boiled hijiki

Hot dishes

  • sausage
  • Salmon grilled with salt koji
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Okinawa brown sugar curry

Japanese food

  • White rice
  • Nametake
  • salt kelp
  • Nozawana chirimen
  • Tsubozuke
  • Umeboshi
  • Natto
  • seasoned seaweed
  • miso soup

Various salads & toppings

  • mixed leaf
  • Petit tomatoes
  • Mizuna
  • mixed beans
  • corn
  • Bitter gourd
  • Okinawan salt dressing
  • Japanese style yuzu dressing
  • hibiscus dressing
  • Shikuwasa dressing

Various breads

  • germ roll
  • Croissant
  • pain au chocolat
  • Plain bread


  • strawberry jam
  • blueberry jam
  • butter
  • brown sugar margarine
  • Beniimo jam
  • pine jam
  • Shikuwasa jam

Various fruits

  • grapefruit
  • pineapple
  • orange
  • banana
  • Lychee

Various desserts

  • aloe and mango compote
  • plain yogurt
  • Blue Seal Ice Vanilla, Sugarcane, Red Potato, Shikuwasa


  • milk
  • Sanpin tea
  • mango juice
  • Shikuwasa juice
  • orange juice
  • vinegar drink
  • detox water

Introduction to cooking

Next, I will introduce the dishes.

▼Salt-grilled flounder. It was a flounder that was thick and covered in oil.

▼Okinawa salt fried noodles. Okinawa soba yakisoba.

▼Bitter melon champuru

▼Baked potato. The large cut potatoes give it a European and American feel.

▼Papaya carrot shirishiri. You can enjoy Okinawan home-cooked carrot shirishiri.

▼Okinawa-style Neapolitan. Neapolitan made with Okinawa soba.

▼Mozuku vinegar shikuwasa.

▼Dashi-rolled eggs with asa and taramo salad. The dashimaki tamago with asa (green lettuce) tastes like an island.

▼Smoothie corner. A smoothie with beautiful colors. I feel healthy in the morning.

▼Pickles. The colors are beautiful too.

▼Okinawa soba corner. You can make Okinawa soba by adding soup.

▼Somen Champuru. This is also an Okinawa specialty.

▼Bread corner. You can dip a jar of honey or whipped cream on the bottom.

▼Fruit corner. There is banana, pineapple, fruit compote and yogurt.

▼Milk, chocolate crispy, cornflakes.

▼Blue Seal ice cream.

Blue Seal's ice cream had the flavors of purple sweet potato, vanilla, chocolate, and shikuwasa.


I stayed for two nights this time, so this is a photo of the breakfast on the second floor.

I also had the brown sugar curry. It was a sweet and salty curry that tasted like brown sugar. In addition, we mainly ate menu items typical of Okinawa. All of them have a refreshing taste that is suitable for breakfast.

▲This is the platter for the second day. Unlike the first day, the grilled fish turned into mackerel. The Western food menu seems to be served every day with classic menu items such as sausages and bacon.

The menu had a satisfying selection of Okinawan specialty dishes.

Since I'm here, I'll also have some Blue Seal ice cream.

There was also coffee jelly.


We introduced the breakfast at DoubleTree by Hilton Naha. I think this breakfast will satisfy both those who want to eat a big meal in the morning and those who want to eat a variety of foods in small amounts. Even at 2,200 yen, I think it's more than worth the price, so even if you can't eat much, I think it's worth having breakfast.

I think there are enough types of Okinawan specialties. You can enjoy a variety of Okinawan dishes for breakfast. In particular, there is a wide variety of Okinawan home-cooked dishes such as Champuru and Shirishiri.

Of course, there is also a minimal amount of Western food on the menu, including bread, so even if you stay for several nights, you won't get bored of the taste.

We also have Blue Seal ice cream, so it's a breakfast that even kids will be happy with.

When staying overnight, why not choose a plan that includes breakfast?