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TOKYO Narita Airport “Nine Hours” (capsule hotel) Priority Pass usage review

Priority Pass allows you to use airport lounges around the world, and there is a capsule hotel at Narita Airport that you can use for free with this pass. Its name is "Nine Hours Narita Airport". This time I will write a review after actually using it.

What is Priority Pass?

Priority Pass is a membership service that gives you access to lounges and airport services in over 600 cities in 148 countries around the world . If you have a pass, you can enjoy food and alcohol in the high-quality space of the airport lounge.

Priority Pass is especially useful when boarding international flights . The advantage is that you can use the lounge even if you are not flying in first class or business class, or if you are not a senior member of the airline.

Priority Pass has great benefits on international flights, but there are also stores at Centrair (Chubu Centrair International Airport) and Kansai International Airport where you can use Priority Pass even when taking domestic flights .

Narita Airport also has the only capsule hotel in Japan that can be used with Priority Pass. This time, I would like to introduce the capsule hotel "Nine Hours Narita Airport" that I actually used.

Priority Pass Terms of Use

Nine Hours is a capsule hotel chain that operates throughout the country. This hotel is located at Narita Airport's Terminal 2.

Introducing the terms and conditions of use with Priority Pass.

Terms of use

  • Cardholders can stay in a capsule bed for up to five hours between 9am and 6pm.
  • If you stay for more than 5 hours or stay after 6:00 pm, you can receive a discount of 3,400 yen (tax included) from the regular room rate.
  • Must present boarding pass departing within 24 hours

Usage details

  • Capsule bed usage within 5 hours
  • Use of shower
  • Services include blankets, pillows, slippers, and towels for shower service.

The shower room is equipped with body soap, shampoo, and conditioner. In addition, the set includes clothes for indoor use.

Please note that reservations are not possible and you may be refused entry during busy times. Also, children under the age of 5 are not allowed to use it. Children aged 6 to 11 must be accompanied by a parent of the same sex. Children aged 12 to 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

If you wish to use the service for more than 5 hours, 500 yen will be added for each hour.

nine hours Narita Airport location and access method

This is the only accommodation facility within Narita Airport, and is located on the first basement floor of the 2nd parking lot building, which is directly connected to Terminal 2.

name 9h nine hours Narita Airport
address  Narita Airport Terminal 2, 1-1 Furugome, Narita City, Chiba Prefecture 282-0004
access Adjacent to Narita International Airport Terminal 2
TEL 050-1807-3506


From Terminal 2 to parking lot method

This time I headed from the departure lobby on the 2nd floor.

There are many easy-to-understand signboards to help you avoid getting lost.

First, head towards the parking lot.

There is a moving walkway from the second floor.

Take the escalator to the 1st basement floor

Again, just follow the instructions.

Arrive at the hotel entrance

In this way, it was easy to get there. If in doubt, I think you should just walk in the direction of the parking lot.

Entry procedures at reception

There is a reception desk immediately after entering the hotel entrance. Tell the reception staff that you are using Priority Pass.

There seemed to be some vacancies, so I was able to go through the process smoothly. In addition to your Priority Pass, you will also need to present a valid boarding pass during the check-in process.

After being briefed about the facility, you will be given a black bag containing amenities and a locker key.

All spaces are separated by gender. The women's booth was on the right side of the front, and the men's booth was on the left.

The interior is simple and the procedure flow is easy to understand.


capsule area

  • Basically, conversation is prohibited.
  • Alarm is basically OK
  • No shoes allowed, change to slippers
  • No food or drink
  • Hydration possible

When going out

  • When you go out, leave your locker key at the front desk and exchange it for an outing tag.

check out

  • When checking out, return the locker key, in-house wear, and mesh bag.


  • The entire hotel is non-smoking.
  • Free earplugs distributed
  • Purchase additional amenities


①Storage your luggage in the locker

First, store your luggage in the locker.The lockers are long and stylish, but they were large enough to fit a large suitcase underneath.

②Go to the shower room

Next, head to the shower room. Go behind the lockers and past the toilet area to reach the shower room.

▼Amenity bath towel/face towel

▼Indoor wear

There are many shower booths side by side, so use the one with the lock open. There is a washroom on the other side.

It has a compact construction.

▼The shower booth is here. Opening and closing the glass door prevents water from splashing.

▼Body soap, shampoo, and conditioner are provided.

▼There is a sink in front of the shower booth.

Place used towels in the designated box and return them.

③Into the capsule

Next, I will introduce you to the inside of the capsule.

Combined with the darkness, it has a futuristic atmosphere. ▼

▼Use the capsule with the same number as the locker number.

▼There is also an outlet near the bedside.

▼There are sprinklers and fire alarms on the ceiling.

Cleaning may take place at certain times of the day, so if you are concerned about noise, earplugs are a must. (amenity)

Things to keep in mind when taking a nap.

・There is no key to the capsule, only a blind

- Sounds and vibrations of people above, below, left and right

・I hear the footsteps of people passing through the aisle.

・Shower is not cleaned after each use

After all, it seems that there are some pros and cons because of the low price.

It was so comfortable that if I wanted to take a nap for 2-3 hours at Narita Airport, I couldn't think of a better place than here. As a facility that can be used for free with Priority Pass, it seems to be useful.

④Check out

When it's time to leave, leave the capsule with your hotel clothes, bag, and keys, which must be returned to the front desk.

Get ready at the locker and check out at the front desk. The procedure is complete just by returning the item.

It is located in Terminal 2, so if you want to go to Terminal 1, you can use the inter-terminal shuttle bus from Platform 8 on the 1st floor. Easy access from any terminal.