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Explanation of the difference between ANA premium class and regular seats [Boarding notes]

We will explain the premium class , which is a high-ranking seat operated on ANA's domestic flights , with a focus on the differences from regular seats, along with photos taken when actually boarding. In Premium Class, you can enjoy comfortable and attentive service from before boarding to after disembarking .

What is premium class?

ANA's domestic flights have two types of seats: regular seats and premium class seats. The premium class seats are located in front of the seats , so some people may have seen them as they passed by even when riding in the standard seats.

Premium class offers services that are not normally available in regular seats. Examples of benefits include priority check-in, use of a dedicated check-in counter, access to ANA lounges, priority boarding, in-flight meals, priority pick-up of checked baggage , and other detailed services.

Premium class offers a variety of benefits, but the airfares are naturally higher.

Next, we will introduce the benefits you can receive when flying in premium class.

Exclusive check-in counter available for senior members

The first place you head to before boarding is the check-in counter/security inspection area. When flying in Premium Class, you can use a dedicated check-in counter .

Even at airports that do not have dedicated check-in counters, you will be able to line up in the priority lane, allowing you to process procedures more smoothly than the general public .

▼Dedicated security checkpoint at Naha Airport

Baggage allowance benefits

There are discounts on checked baggage allowance. In standard seats, each person can travel up to 20km free of charge, but in premium class, up to 40km is free.

Although there are size restrictions, there is no limit on the number of items, so being able to check in twice as much baggage as normal is quite valuable.

ANA Lounge

You can use the ANA Lounge when flying in Premium Class. You can enter the lounge by simply scanning your same-day boarding pass into the machine at the lounge reception.

The drink menu includes soft drinks, beer servers, whiskey, and green juice .

From ANA site

▼Just set the glass and draft beer will be poured.

The seat looks like this.

From ANA site

▼Haneda Airport ANA lounge seats

▼ANA Lounge at Itami Airport

▼ANA Lounge at Naha Airport

▼ANA Lounge at Hiroshima Airport

You can take your time and relax until it's time to board. This comes in handy if you arrive at the airport early.

priority boarding

Priority boarding is a pre-boarding benefit. Premium class passengers can board in Group 2, following Group 1 such as Diamond members.

Depending on the aircraft, there may be close to 500 people on board, so priority boarding has the advantage of shortening the waiting time and allowing you to get to your seat sooner.

Wide and comfortable seats

Premium class seats are quite spacious compared to regular seats . Depending on the aircraft, it is possible to lie completely flat , making the journey more comfortable and less tiring. Even if I stretched my legs out as much as I could, I couldn't reach the seat in front of me.



The longer you fly, the more comfortable your seat will be.

Premium class in-flight meals

After takeoff and stable flight, meal preparation begins immediately. In-flight meals on ANA domestic flights are only available in premium class. Meals provided vary depending on the time of takeoff.

There is a wide selection of drinks including soft drinks and alcohol (sparkling wine, beer) .

After your meal, you can have your tableware removed immediately and you can also order an after-meal drink. CA was very attentive and listened to my requests for additional drinks and other requests. After a while after ordering coffee, I was asked if I would like to exchange my cold drink for a new one, and the customer service was courteous.

CA seemed to value communication. Were you satisfied with the meal? , were you able to relax on the plane? I was asked. This may be because it was a long distance flight between Haneda and Ishigaki.

When you board at night, there is a reasonable amount of food. ▼

When boarding during tea time, light snacks like this were provided. ▼

Different menus are offered depending on the route and time of day, so it's one of the things you look forward to on board.

Priority is given to order when disembarking

Premium class passengers at the front have first priority when exiting the plane . You can get off as soon as the door opens. If you're in the back seat, it often takes about 10 minutes to get off the plane. Some people may feel like it's a waste to arrive at their destination and not be able to get out of the plane for a while.

The benefit of being in premium class is that you can get off the plane the fastest.

Priority tag (priority baggage collection)

When flying in Premium Class, the word "Priority" is written on the checked baggage tag . This will give you priority access to your checked baggage upon arrival at your destination airport. If your flight is on a large plane or has a lot of checked baggage, it may take a long time before you can claim your baggage.

You can receive your baggage immediately, so you can head to your destination or home smoothly. This has the advantage of saving time .

Premium class has high cost performance

We would like to introduce you to our premium class services. The points can be summarized as follows.


・You can use the ANA lounge by using the dedicated check-in counter.

・Priority boarding, comfortable seats, and in-flight meals available

・Careful CA service, priority handling of checked baggage

You can receive the services listed above.

Depending on the type of airplane, there are only about 30 seats in premium class at most per airplane. You can see that it is a special seat that is limited to that extent.

Premium class tickets can cost more than 50,000 yen depending on the type of ticket, but if there are seats available, you can upgrade for as little as a few thousand yen.

Why not try using Premium Class, which offers more comfortable travel than its monetary value?