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Explaining all the benefits of JAL Global Club (JGC) [Archived version]

JAL Global Club is called JGC , and you can enjoy various benefits. Even when flying in economy class, you can enjoy lounge access and priority boarding , making this a powerful status .

In this article, we will explain the benefits of J AL Global Club . We have included a comprehensive list of benefits, so we would appreciate it if you could keep it as a copy.

What is JGC?

JGC is an abbreviation for JAL Global Club . By owning a credit card that can only be issued and maintained by senior JAL members who hold a certain level of status , you can maintain your qualification permanently . There is the advantage of being able to maintain advanced membership status without having to fly on a JAL flight even once a year.


By becoming an advanced member, you can receive benefits such as priority check-in, priority boarding, Sakura Lounge access, and front seat reservations .

You can receive various benefits and services, making your stay at the airport and boarding more comfortable.

To join JGC

In order to join JGC, you must aim for a status of " JMB Sapphire " or higher.

How to get JMB Sapphire

If your boarding on a JAL group flight or oneworld alliance member airline flight falls under any of the following two conditions:

  • 50,000 FLY ON Points (of which 25,000 FLY ON Points for JAL Group flights) or more in the 12 months from January to December of each year (calendar year)
  • 50 or more flights (including 25 JAL Group flights) and 15,000 FLY ON points or more

After acquiring Sapphire Status, you can complete JGC membership by issuing a JAL card of CLUB-A or higher.

The difference between Sapphire Status and JGC benefits is that the reservation desks are different and the bonus flight mileage accrual rate is different. The accrual rate is 105% for Sapphire and 35% for JGC.

JGC benefits: JAL Global Club member bonus miles

First flight bonus miles

Apart from the JAL Card benefits, JGC members also receive a gift of 3,000 miles on their first flight each year.

Bonus miles per flight

You will receive bonus miles every time you board a JAL Group flight, American Airlines flight, British Airways flight, or Iberia Airlines flight. The bonus mileage accrual rate is 35%.

Bonus miles per flight = sector miles x fare mileage accrual rate x bonus mileage accrual rate


JGC benefits: Services during reservation and boarding

Members-only reservation desk

When booking JAL Group flights, you can use the members-only reservation desk. By using JGC's dedicated reservation desk , it will be easier to connect by phone than using regular lines.

Basically, everything is done online, but it is a call center for when you have a problem. You will feel a different sense of security if you connect immediately. Each status member has a different phone number and a separate desk. General members have a paid line (Navi dial) of 0570, but status members have a toll-free number of 0120.

Using a dedicated desk is convenient when it is difficult to make reservations online, such as when making complex reservations for multiple routes or during busy seasons.

Priority cancellation waiting list at time of reservation

You can receive priority treatment on the waiting list . However, this is limited to fares that can be waitlisted. Even if your desired date and time is fully booked, you can be given priority on the waiting list.

Front seat reservation service

You can give priority to the seats in the front. Applications must be made at least 48 hours before departure for domestic flights and 24 hours before departure for international flights. The range of seats that can be reserved is expanded compared to general members , leading to a more comfortable flight. Unlike Diamond members, this does not mean that you are completely free to choose your seat, but it is a nice perk.

If you can reserve a seat in the front, you can sit immediately after boarding . Another benefit is that you can get off the train early when you arrive .

Check-in service (dedicated counter)

You will be able to check in at a dedicated counter. You can use JGC counters in Japan and Business Class counters overseas . Oneworld Elite Status Counter is also available.

When boarding JAL Group domestic and international flights, the card can be used by the member and one accompanying person. When using oneworld alliance airline flights, it can only be used by the member himself/herself.

During busy times, you may have to wait in line for an hour in the regular lanes, so this is a great time advantage .

Codeshare flights and charter flights operated by other companies may not be available, so please check the official website in advance.

JAL official website (List of codeshare flight services by member status)

Priority waiting list at the airport

If you wait for a seat at the airport on the day of your flight, you can waitlist with priority. The type of waitlist is "Type A." "Type A" is the second order after "Type S" such as JMB Diamond and JGC Premier .

However, since there are a large number of Diamond members and JGC Premier members, even if a seat becomes available, there are many cases where JGC members are not available. Let's think that JGC has more possibilities than general membership.

JAL Global Club Entrance

When using domestic flights at Haneda Airport, Itami Airport, New Chitose Airport, or Fukuoka Airport , you will be able to use the entrance leading to the security checkpoint next to the JGC counter.

priority boarding

You can enjoy priority boarding when boarding JAL Group flights or oneworld alliance member airline flights . This service can only be used by the member and cannot be used by a companion. It is possible to board in Group 2 .

JGC Benefits: Baggage related services

Free checked baggage allowance benefits

You can receive preferential treatment with checked baggage.

JAL Group domestic flights Normal plus 20kg or less
JAL international flights Normal plus 1 piece (within 32kg per piece)
member airline flights
Regular plus 1 piece or regular plus 20kg

  • Emerald members (JGC Diamond/JGC Premier)
    Regular Plus 1 piece or Regular Plus 20Kg
  • For Sapphire members (JGC Sapphire/JGC Crystal/JGC)
    when flying in economy class
    : Piece system: Regular plus 1 piece 23kg, maximum of 2 pieces
    *This service does not apply if the basic free baggage allowance is 2 pieces.
    For weight system: Normal plus 15kg

priority baggage service

You will be able to receive your baggage with priority at the arrival airport. Priority tags will be attached to your luggage , whether it's domestic or international .

After the baggage of first class, Diamond members, and JGC Premier members, the baggage of JGC members and business class members comes out.

JGC benefits: Lounge access available (Sakura Lounge)

JGC members may have up to one accompanying person enter the Sakura Lounge . Even if you are flying in economy class, you can use airline lounges.

You can also use the lounges of oneworld alliance member airlines when departing. The advantage is that it can be used all over the world. You can enter the lounge which is only accessible to business class and first class passengers.

The advantage is that you can pass the time before your flight while drinking alcoholic beverages such as beer. If you are in a lounge on an international flight, meals will be provided. Among them, JAL curry is famous.

JGC benefits: Novelty benefits

baggage tag

When you join , you will receive a JAG original leather bag tag once . It will be delivered with the member's initials engraved on it.

JAL original diary

This service ended with the 2022 version .


The above is a list of benefits for JGC members.

As a senior member with many benefits, you can see that JGC has great benefits . Once you obtain the status, you can maintain the status semi-permanently as long as you hold the eligible credit card. One way is to train at JGC and aim for status.

Extra (How to accumulate a large amount of points and miles with Poikatsu)

You can earn miles through point sites such as Moppy and Hapitas , and monitoring sites such as Fankuru . Among the poi activities, moppi is easy even for beginners, so we recommend it.

Moppy can earn 2000 points as a first-time registration bonus by using the referral link or code . Can be transferred up to 1400 ANA miles and 1600 JAL miles.