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[Okinawa Hotel Blog Accommodation Report] Breakfast review of Rihga Royal Gran Okinawa

I stayed at Rihga Royal Gran Okinawa, a hotel directly connected to Yui Rail Asahibashi Station near the Kokusai Dori entrance in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, so I'm going to write a blog-style breakfast review.

What is Rihga Royal Gran Okinawa?

Rihga Royal Gran Okinawa is a hotel that boasts spacious rooms and high-quality spaces, all of which are over 35 square meters in size. We offer unique services to differentiate ourselves from other hotels.

It has good access from the airport and is directly connected to Asahibashi Station on the Yui Rail. Furthermore, the hotel is directly connected to Naha Bus Terminal, making transportation convenient. Not only can you travel within Naha city, but you can also travel to resort areas in the northern part of the prefecture by simply riding the bus that leaves from the bus terminal right below the hotel.

breakfast review

When I arrived, the sign said it was full. However, I was quickly guided.

What is Rihga Royal Gran breakfast?

Rihga Royal Grand's breakfast has received top-class reviews among hotels in Okinawa Prefecture, and it won first place in Okinawa Prefecture at the 2019 Rakuten Travel Breakfast Festival.

From the official website

I feel that they are very particular about breakfast.

From the official website

From the official website

Omelettes are made to order. You can ask the staff to make it for you after you place your order.

Here is an example of the menu from the official website.

From the official website

From the official website

bread corner

We also have purple sweet potato waffles.

Corn flakes are individually wrapped.

Side dish corner

Jimami tofu, dashimaki eggs, okra, boiled eggs, etc.

We have Okinawan dishes such as carrot shirishiri and bitter gourd champuru.

We have raw ham and cheese. All are authentic.

This is the fruit corner. It has the bare minimum.

The green one is a smoothie. It's quite mushy and looks healthy.

Go to the salad corner.

The colorful drinks are stylish.

The vegetable sticks are eye-catching.

The companions for rice are quite fulfilling.

There are mozuku and sea grapes.

There is also curry.

Miso soup is also available.

Fried eggs, scrambled eggs, etc.

Bacon, asparagus, etc.

Thickly sliced ​​salmon, fried chicken, and thick sausages.

Okinawa soba corner

Let's eat it

The main course of salmon and sausages looked delicious, but they seemed to put a lot of effort into vegetables, so I took a lot of vegetables.

Among them, the wiener is quite authentic. It was so meaty and flavorful that I couldn't believe it was a breakfast buffet. It was cooked just right and was very satisfying.

We also have a wide selection of Okinawan specialties.

The croissants were freshly baked, so staff went around to each table to serve them.

Comprehensive review

We introduced the breakfast at Rihga Royal Gran Okinawa with photos. Since it was a Sunday morning, the restaurant was quite crowded, but perhaps because there were a lot of seats, there was almost no waiting time, and the one who was served first received high praise. The windows inside the restaurant are large and the interior is bright, creating an atmosphere suitable for breakfast.

The hotel has been praised for its delicious breakfast among hotels in Okinawa Prefecture, so I feel that they have put a lot of effort into everything. Even just a sausage here, unlike the ones you get at regular hotels, you can get one that is thick and has a strong flavor.

Also, the fact that I felt that they were particular about vegetables was highly praised. Vegetable sticks are fresh vegetables themselves, and I think this proves that the restaurant chef is well aware of the importance of eating delicious vegetables in the morning. Personally, I'm glad that there is a smoothie that looks like it's going to be healthy even though it's mushy. You may like the taste, but it's not delicious...I feel like I took it for the sake of my health.

If you're on a trip to Okinawa, you'll want to try some of the local specialties. Of course, this hotel also offers a wide variety of Okinawan cuisine, and the taste was delicious. Okinawa soba, Jimami tofu, etc.

I was surprised that they had such a wide variety of items and offered freshly baked croissants to each table. I felt the spirit of service. Croissants are also served on the buffet table.

Overall, there wasn't a huge variety of dishes, and the breakfast venue wasn't that big. However, I feel that they are particular about all the dishes they serve.

I was able to finish the meal feeling like I had eaten something good and worthy of a breakfast to start the day.