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Blog review of Hong Kong Airport THE WING (Cathay Pacific Lounge The Wing) with photos

I visited the Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific's lounge (international flights) ``The Wing'', business class lounge, located in Terminal 1 of Hong Kong Airport. There is a lounge after completing immigration procedures, where meals, alcoholic drinks, showers, and other services are provided until departure. This time I will be reviewing this lounge.

Cathay Pacific has three business class lounges at Hong Kong International Airport: The Pier, The Deck, and The Wing, each with its own unique features.

Hong Kong Airport "The Wing (Business Class Lounge)"

Cathay Pacific is a Hong Kong-based airline that, like JAL, is a member of the Oneworld Alliance.


As this is an airline-operated lounge, they offer not only alcohol and other drinks, but also food, and the service is more complete than that of a credit card lounge.

name "The Wing (Business Class Lounge)"
business hours 5:30~00:30
location Hong Kong International Airport, Terminal 1, 7th floor, near Gate 2
toilet can be
shower none
Meal provision can be
Official URL

Target users

You can use the Cathay Pacific Lounge if you are flying in first class or business class, or if you have a certain airline status. If you are flying in first class, you may also bring one person with you.

JAL Global Club (JGC) holders can also bring up to one companion into the club as a "oneworld frequent flyer" (Sapphire member).

Lounge location and directions

The Wing is located near Gate 2 in Terminal 1 of Hong Kong International Airport. You will find the lounge if you go through the immigration area and turn left.

▼The direction of the lounge is also displayed on the information display.

As you proceed towards Gate 6, you will see the lounge entrance on your left.

main area

There are three spaces within the lounge: the main area right next to the entrance, the noodle bar, and the coffee loft. First, let's introduce the main area. Since the visit time was in the morning, the meal provided was a breakfast menu.

▼Mushrooms, beans

▼Bacon, sausage

▼Scrambled eggs

▼Cheese, ham



▼Here are the seats. It's a bright space with a high ceiling.

The main seats are counter seats and sofa seats.

▼You can also have champagne. I feel guilty since this morning.

▼Snacks are also available.

noodle bar

Next, we will introduce the noodle bar located at the back of the lounge.

There were 4 types of noodle menus and 2 types of dim sum menus. This is a method of ordering directly at the counter.

▼Seasonings are also available.




▼There are drinks and beer in the refrigerator.

▼When you order noodles at the counter, you will receive a doorbell like this.

When it lights up, I go to the counter to pick it up.

▼Wonton noodles

▼Dandan noodles

▼Kamaboko flat noodles? (flat noodles)

▼The atmosphere of the noodle bar seats is different. There are counter seats and table seats where you can mainly eat.

coffee loft

Next, I would like to introduce Coffee Loft (cafe).

All menu items here are made to order. You can enjoy freshly brewed espresso.

▼Bread such as croissant, apple, chocolate etc.

▼There were cookies, sandwiches, and burgers.

▼You can also order Haagen-Dazs ice cream here.

▼illy cafe menu (espresso, American, espresso macchiato, cappuccino, cafe latte)

▼I ordered a cappuccino. It takes a long time to brew in a stylish way.

▼This is what the coffee loft looks like.

What is the difference between The Pier and The Deck?

There are three Cathay Pacific business class lounges at Hong Kong International Airport: The Pier, The Deck, and The Wing.

There are three lounges, so you may be confused as to which lounge to use. I think the advantage of The Wing, which I introduced this time, is that it is located close to the immigration checkpoint, and although it is compact, it offers a versatile menu.

You can enjoy meals in the lounge depending on what you want to eat, such as the main dining area, noodle bar, or cafe menu. Of course, alcohol is also available.

The major difference between the three lounges is the difference in the atmosphere of the space. This lounge, The Wing, may be suitable for those who like a bright and open atmosphere.

The offerings vary depending on the time of day and season, so enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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