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TOKYO Narita Airport “United Club Lounge” review (meal menu and alcohol available)

United Club, operated by United Airlines, is one of the airline-operated lounges in Narita Airport Terminal 1. This lounge is basically available to business class passengers, but since United Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance, it can also be used if you hold Star Alliance Gold status.

We were able to enjoy a rich menu of food and alcohol for free, which we will introduce in this article.

Narita Airport United Club Lounge


United Club can be used when boarding a seat above a certain rank, or when holding a certain airline status. As this is an airline-operated lounge, they offer food as well as alcohol and other drinks.

There are many North American flights after the evening, so it gets crowded with passengers, but at other times it is relatively empty.

name United Club
location Narita International Airport (Tokyo Narita International), Terminal 1 South Wing, near boarding gate 31
business hours 8:45am – 8:45pm
toilet can be
shower can be
Meal provision can be

Qualified users

Those eligible to use the United Club include United Airlines business class and first class passengers, United Airlines senior membership holders, and paid users (55 USD per time).

United Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance, so even if you fly on a Star Alliance airline such as ANA, you can enter if you have Star Alliance Gold.

If you become an ANA Super Flyers member, you will be eligible for Star Alliance Gold status and will be able to use the lounge semi-permanently.

Lounge location and directions

The United Club is located near boarding gate 31 and has the map number "S37". It is located near the center of the terminal. It is located in a location that is easily accessible from any boarding gate.

▼The entrance is here. It has a luxurious feel.

There is a reception desk on the left side after entering the entrance, where you will complete the procedures for entering the room.

Seats and overall atmosphere

There weren't many people, and there were many empty seats. It's very spacious inside. I'm confused about where to sit.

Window seats seem to be popular because you can see the planes.

▲If you are mainly thinking about eating, you may want to sit at a table.


There are table seats and sofa seats. In addition, there were not only electrical outlets installed in various places, but also USB charging ports.


Meals/offering menu

Introducing the menu of meals offered. The menu varies depending on the time of day, but when I visited, it was 12:00 noon.

▼Food is available here. Main dish.

▼Salad, raw ham, cheese, etc.

▼Cakes, fruits, and rice crackers.

The above is a picture taken from above.

We will take a look at each dish below.


These include lettuce, corn, okra, cherry tomatoes, and edamame.

▼Tianjin (Shumai, Shrimp Shumai)

▼Hamburger steak

▼Raw ham

▼Tomato penne

▼Crackers, focaccia

▼Mixed beans, potatoes

▼Futomaki, Inari sushi


▼Cheese, olives

▼Chicken curry, beef curry

▼Miso soup

▼Cold pumpkin soup





These are the meals provided. It's a pretty good lineup. We have a wide variety of Japanese menu items such as Inari sushi, curry rice, and udon noodles.

We also had dessert. The warabi mochi came in two flavors, kinako and matcha, and both were delicious.

Alcohol/Soft drinks

Next, let's introduce alcohol. We have a wide variety of products including red wine, white wine, whisky, sake, sparkling wine, gin, and vodka.

▼Beer server is Asahi Super Dry

▼Detox water is also available.

Above, we introduced United Club, a lounge operated by United Airlines. This lounge has plenty of alcohol and food, and you can also use the showers. It's a great way to relax before a long flight, so why not take advantage of it if you have the chance?