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Review of TOKYO Narita Airport International Flight “ANA Lounge” usage, meals, and showers

I visited the ANA Lounge (international flights) at Narita Airport Terminal 1. There is a lounge after completing immigration procedures, where you can use services such as meals, alcoholic drinks, showers, etc. until your departure. I will explain about the ANA Lounge at Narita Airport Terminal 1.

Narita Airport ANA Lounge


You can use the ANA lounge if you are boarding a seat above a certain rank or if you have a certain airline status. As this is an airline-operated lounge, they offer food as well as alcohol and other drinks.

name ANA Lounge
business hours 5th Satellite 7:00~until the last departure of ANA scheduled flight
2nd Satellite 13:00~19:10
location Narita International Airport (Tokyo Narita International), Terminal 1
toilet can be
shower can be
Meal provision can be
Official URL


・When using ANA-operated flights, infants under 2 years old are not included in the number of accompanying passengers.

- Accompanying guests must enter the lounge at the same time as the eligible customer.

Target users

Target users

  • First class passenger + 1 companion
  • Business class passengers
  • ANA Diamond, Platinum, SFC + 1 companion on the same flight
  • Star Alliance Gold holder + 1 companion traveling on the same flight
  • ANA premium economy users
  • Million Miler (Lounge Access Card Holder)
  • Paid lounge membership

ANA Bronze members can use the lounge with miles or upgrade points. (Requires 4,000 miles or 3 Upgrade Points)

Becoming an ANA Super Flyers member not only entitles you to Star Alliance Gold status, but also allows you to use ANA lounges semi-permanently.

Lounge access available for a fee

Narita Airport also has a paid lounge service, which allows you to use the lounge by paying a certain amount.

Below is a reference to ANA official website

Target and reception deadline ANA website (advance application) Airport counter (on the day)
Target airport Narita/Haneda/Honolulu Airport Narita/Haneda Airport
Eligible flights ANA-operated international flights departing from Narita/Haneda/Honolulu*1
(excluding flights departing from Haneda Airport between 8:00 and 12:59)
ANA operated international flights departing from Narita/Haneda
Eligible flight tickets Tickets with ticket numbers starting with 205
(excluding purchases on the Mexico site)*2
No limit
Target reservation class Y/B/M/U/H/Q/V/W/S Y/B/M/U/H/Q/V/W/S/L/K/X
Deadline for reception After ticket purchase until 24 hours before departure time Until boarding start time

*1Excludes codeshare flights with other airlines
*2Excludes award tickets

Usage fees/application/payment ANA website (advance application) Airport counter (on the day)
Usage fee*1
(tax included, per person)
Narita/Haneda 4,000 yen
Honolulu 40 USD
Narita/Haneda 6,000 yen
(excludes Honolulu Airport)
Payment method Credit card*2 or Paypal*3 Credit card
Cash (Japanese yen only)
How to apply After purchasing your ticket from the ANA website, please apply from the reservation completion screen.
If you are already waiting for a reservation, please apply from the reservation details confirmation screen. *Four
Please apply at the check-in counter, ticketing counter, or lounge at Narita/Haneda Airport.

* 1Adults and children are charged the same price, and infants accompanying adults are free.
*2You can also use Alipay and UnionPay cards on the Chinese site.
*3 Sites in China, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia are not eligible.
*4If the application does not meet the eligibility/reception deadline, or if the maximum number of applications has been reached, the application button will not be displayed.

Lounge location and directions

The location is on the 4th floor of Satellite 5, in the restricted area after immigration procedures at Narita Airport Terminal 1.

▲Aim for gate 52 and take the nearby escalator up.

▲Go up from this escalator.

▲As soon as you go up, you will see the entrance to the lounge.

I thought it was in an easy-to-understand location because I could reach it by following the signs and moving forward.

There is a reception desk in front of you after entering the automatic door, and you will need to complete the procedures to enter the room.

Seats and overall atmosphere

I would like to introduce you to the overall view of the inside of the lounge.

▼Floor map inside the lounge

It has a horizontally long structure, and although the area near the dining area was crowded, there seemed to be some empty seats towards the back. The runway side seemed especially popular.

Meal content

Offer menu

Food and drinks are available right at the entrance.

▼Fried chicken, potato

▼Asparagus and bacon fisilli pasta, ratatouille


▼Petit Choux

▼Ginger kelp rice ball with sticky barley

▼Mentaiko rice ball

▼Salad, cheese, crackers



▼Hamburger steak

▼Okaki, candy, jam

▼Noodle bar

▼You can order udon, soba, ramen, etc.

▼The curry was prepared by yourself. It was delicious and had plenty of ingredients.

▼Tonkotsu Ramen


mobile order

Noodle Bar's menu is available for mobile ordering. It's very convenient because you can order on your smartphone and receive an SMS message when your food is ready.

▲A QR code is pasted on each seat, so scan it. Please note that you must connect to Wi-Fi in the lounge in order to use it.

Within 5 minutes, I received a message notification, so I went to the counter to pick it up. .

Alcohol/drink content

▼There are many types of alcohol. There was wine, whiskey, plum wine, shochu, sake, etc. At the time of my visit, there were 16 types.

▼All beer servers were Asahi Beer.

▼Coffee machine

▼Black tea, tea, etc.


shower room

Next, I will introduce the shower room. Depending on the time of day, especially in the evening, it can get crowded and you may have to wait. Reservations are made using the automatic reception machine. ▼

▼When your turn comes, an SMS will be sent to the phone number you registered on the machine.


▼When you receive the SMS notification, head to the shower reception located at the location below.

▼Pathway to reception

▼After checking in, proceed to the shower booth.

▼The shower booth is kept clean as it is cleaned every time.

▼Amenities such as bath towels, face towels, slippers, etc.

▼Sekkisei cleansing, lotion, emulsion

There is a clock. The dryer is a Dyson with good airflow. The booth gets pretty hot when you take a shower, but there was a fan running all the time, so it was always comfortable.

in conclusion

Above, we have introduced the ANA Lounge at Narita Airport Terminal 1. This lounge has plenty of alcohol and food, and you can also use the showers. It's a great way to relax before a long flight, so why not take advantage of it if you have the chance?