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Blog review of meals and showers at Narita Airport JAL “Sakura Lounge”

I visited JAL's Sakura Lounge (international flights) at Narita Airport Terminal 2. There is a lounge after completing immigration procedures, where meals, alcoholic drinks, showers, and other services are provided until departure. This time I will be reviewing this lounge.

Narita Airport "Sakura Lounge"


You can use the Sakura Lounge when flying business class on JAL flights or if you have a certain airline status.

As this is an airline-operated lounge, they offer not only alcohol and other drinks, but also food, and the service is more complete than that of a credit card lounge.

name sakura lounge
business hours 7:30~22:00
location Narita International Airport (Tokyo Narita International), Terminal 2
toilet can be
shower can be
Meal provision can be
Official URL

Target users

Target users

  • JMB Diamond
  • JGC Premier
  • JMB Sapphire
  • JAL Global Club
  • first class
  • business class
  • Premium Economy Class (some exceptions)
  • Economy class (Flex Y fare)
  • Paid users ( official website )

If you are using the status, you can bring one companion with you (infants under 2 years old are not included as companions).

The 2nd and 3rd person accompanying you can use the lounge coupon, 1 coupon per person. Lounge coupons can be exchanged for 2000 miles = 1 coupon.

If you are flying in first class, you may also bring one person with you.

Same-day airport upgrades for Premium Economy Class are not available. It also does not apply when boarding a codeshare flight operated by another company.

If you are traveling in economy class, the conditions are that the fare is Flex Y and that the flight is not bound for Seoul or Guam.

Lounge location and directions

The location is right inside the departure area after the departure procedures at Narita Airport Terminal 2.


The conditions for entry are listed. ▼

There is a reception desk as soon as you enter the automatic door.

floor map

Next, we will introduce the floor map.

The third floor is "The Dining" where meals are mainly served, and the second floor has a seating area and shower area.

To move up and down the lounge, you can use the spiral staircase, elevator, or escalator.

3rd floor: The Dining

After completing the reception in the lounge, go to the back and first enter "THE DINING" which is the main space for eating.

▼The large windows allow you to eat while watching the planes.

▼Most dishes are ordered at this counter.

▼Click here for the menu. We also have special original curries, Japanese gozen, salads, tiramisu, and more.

▼JAL special original beef curry (small)

▼Fish and chips

▼Maison Kayser bread



▼Kirin Ichiban Shibori

▼Sparkling wine

▼White wine

▼Red wine

▼Coffee machine

▼Soft drinks

▼Tomato juice, milk, orange juice

▼Oolong tea, water

▼There are seats spread out in the back, and there are many empty seats, so you can sit wherever you like.


2nd floor: Seating area

If you go down one floor from The Dining, there is a seating area where drinks are the main area. After finishing your meal in the dining area, it would be a good idea to relax on this floor.

You can either go down the stylish spiral staircase, or take the elevator or escalator.

▼There are multiple spaces where alcohol is served.

▼There are many types of alcohol. Wine, whiskey, gin, plum wine, sparkling wine, etc.

▼Beer server

▼Coffee machine

▼Black tea, hojicha, green tea

▼Japanese chestnut anpan

▼Fig Danish

▼Chocolate chip cookie

▼Nuts & dried fruits

▼The seats are spacious. If you want to mainly eat and drink, I think table seats are best.

▼Looks good for group use.

▼The cushion is firm and you can sit comfortably.

▼Some seats are like private rooms.

The second floor area also has large windows, making it bright and open.

▼Call space

▼There are also chairs inside.

▼Massage chair


Smartphone reservation

You can order food and make shower reservations using your smartphone within the lounge.

▼Scan the barcode on your boarding pass to use smartphone reservation.

▼This time I tried making a reservation for a shower using the app.

Your boarding pass is scanned before you start using it, so you can easily make a reservation by simply pressing the "Reserve a shower" button. It is convenient because you can check the current number of people waiting on your smartphone.

After a while, the shower room became available.




I confirm on my smartphone that the shower is ready and go to the reception desk. Just show your boarding pass and they will process it for you.

▼Receive a card key with the shower room number written on it at the reception desk.

▼The shower room looks like this. Although it is compact, it also has a clean feel.


It comes with a rain shower and a nozzle shower, as well as a shower and shower for the body. Just a few minutes of bathing will warm your body.

There are no amenities such as razors or toothbrushes in the shower room, so please ask for them at the reception.

However, there is no lotion or emulsion available, so you will need to bring your own.