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Priority Pass usage and meal review at TOKYO Narita Airport “KAL Lounge (Korean Air)”

Priority Pass is no longer available. (Removed from the official website) The following is an article from when I was able to enter with Priority Pass.

At Narita Airport Terminal 1, there is Korean Air's KAL Lounge, one of the lounges that you can use with Priority Pass. This time I actually used the lounge, so I would like to introduce the inside of the lounge and the food contents along with photos.

What is Priority Pass?

Priority Pass is a membership service that gives you access to lounges and airport services in over 600 cities in 148 countries around the world . If you have a pass, you can enjoy food and alcohol in the high-quality space of the airport lounge.

Priority Pass is especially useful when boarding international flights . The advantage is that you can use the lounge even if you are not flying first class or business class, or even if you are not a senior member of the airline.

Narita Airport Korean Air KAL Lounge

KAL Lounge is basically a lounge that you can enter if you are flying business class or higher on Korean Air. As this is an airline-operated lounge, they offer food as well as alcohol and other drinks.

Korean Air (KL) is part of the SkyTeam alliance. It can be used not only by Korean Air business class passengers, but also by SkyTeam airline passengers who meet the conditions.

If you have a Priority Pass, you can also use the KAL Lounge no matter which airline you fly with.

business hours 7:10-19:30 (Daily)
Lounge entry is until 20 minutes before closing.
location Narita International Airport (Tokyo Narita International), Terminal 1 Satellite 2 (near Gate 26 after passing immigration)
toilet can be
shower none
Meal provision can be
Official URL

Target users

  • first class
  • prestige class
  • Korean Air Million Miler Club
  • Korean Air Morning Calm Premium Club
  • sky team elite plus
  • Korean Air Morning Calm Club (Admission limited depending on lounge congestion)
  • Priority Pass, Diners, Lounge Club (Admission limited depending on lounge congestion)

The lounge is located in a restricted area after immigration, so it is not possible to use it when flying domestically, or when using terminals other than Terminal 1.

Main airlines by terminal

Terminal 1: ANA, Singapore Airlines, EVA Air, Scoot, Air France, ZIPAIR, Delta Air Lines, Peach, etc.

Terminal 2: JAL, American Airlines, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Hawaiian Airlines, etc.

Terminal 3: Jetstar, SPRING JAPAN, etc.

lounge location

The lounge is located near boarding gate 26. If in doubt, it might be best to aim for gate 26. There are multiple information signs for the lounge, so you can easily find them.

Official website reference


▼Go past the Narita Travel Lounge and walk down the aisle to find the KAL Lounge.

▲As you enter through the automatic doors, there is a reception desk in front of you. Present your boarding pass and Priority Pass to complete the entrance procedures.

Seats and overall atmosphere

After completing the registration process, you will enter the lounge. It has large windows and is directly in front of the runway and tarmac. It gives the impression of being spacious.

There are many sofas for one person. There are also table seats facing each other, so there should be no problem even if there are two or more people.

There is also a toilet in the lounge.

Meal content

The meals included rice balls, cup noodles, miso soup, bread, cookies, and cheese.

▲Meals will only be served on this table.

▲There are four types of onigiri flavors: mentaiko, salmon, tuna, and kelp.

▲We have croissants and pain au chocolat.

▲We have cookies and crackers.

▲Two types of Kobe donuts, chocolate flavor and plain.


▲There was cheese in the refrigerator.

Alcohol/drink content

I felt particular about alcohol. There was draft beer, brandy (VSOP), whiskey (Ballantine's 17 Year Old), sake (Daiginjo Sake), and red and white wine. It's quite a lineup of brands.

There were also coffee, soft drinks, tomato juice cans, and vegetable juice cans.


▲There is a 17 year old Whiskey Ballantine. We have a high-quality brandy Remy Martin called VSOP. We also have red and white wine and sake.

▲Kirin Ichiban Shibori and Heineken beer servers

▲Kagome tomato juice and Koiwai vegetable juice.

▲A cup of mineral water.

in conclusion

Above, we introduced Korean Air's KAL Lounge. This lounge has a calm atmosphere where you can take a rest before boarding. The open space with large windows is also a nice touch.

It is a pity that the food lineup does not include hot meals or salads. I think that carbohydrate-based meals such as rice balls, bread, and noodles are satisfying, so I don't think there will be any problems with filling your stomach.

There is a wide range of alcohol available, so even those who want to try brandy or whiskey will be satisfied.

The lounge is located close to the boarding gate, so you can relax in the lounge until just before departure.