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Blog review Qantas Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport with photos

I visited the Qantas Lounge located in Terminal 1 of Hong Kong International Airport, operated by Qantas Airways, the largest airline in the southern hemisphere based in Australia. There is a lounge after completing immigration procedures, where meals, alcoholic drinks, showers, and other services are provided until departure. This time I will be reviewing this lounge.

Hong Kong International Airport "Qantas Lounge"

Qantas is an Australian-based airline that, like JAL, is a member of the Oneworld Alliance. The Qantas Lounge is also a JAL designated lounge. Therefore, we have staff who can speak Japanese, and you will receive more courteous customer service than at other lounges.


As this is an airline-operated lounge, they offer not only alcohol and other drinks, but also food, and the service is more complete than that of a credit card lounge.

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location Hong Kong International Airport, Terminal 1
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Target users

Qantas lounges are available to those flying business class and those with airline status above a certain level.

Those who have a JAL Global Club (JGC) can also enter up to one companion as a "oneworld frequent flyer" (Sapphire member or Emerald member).

Lounge location and directions

Qantas Lounge is located in Terminal 1 of Hong Kong International Airport.

After passing through immigration and entering the departure area, proceed to the right. The boarding gate is near Gate 6. Let's go up one floor.

There is an entrance when you go to the back of the floor. The entrance is simple. ▼

There is a reception desk as soon as you enter the entrance. Present your boarding pass and have the entry procedures completed. At the time of my visit, there were hardly any users, so I was able to enter the room smoothly.

morning menu

Lounge meals vary depending on the time of day. First, let me introduce you to the morning menu. Meals are served near the center of the lounge. ▼

▼Vegetables and fruits are lined up. You can just put it in the juicer and make 100% juice.

▼Click here for the juicer.

▼Click here for the actual juice I made. I added LaFrance and apples to create a sweet and fresh juice. You can enjoy fruit easily.


▼Apple pie



▼Mushrooms, beans

▼Scrambled eggs

▼Boiled eggs


That was the morning menu. There aren't many kinds, so it's not suitable for people who want to eat big meals, but I think it's suitable for people who want to eat small portions of healthy food. This is a meal menu with a strong focus on health.

lunch menu

At 11:30, the morning menu switches to the lunch menu. A staff member called out to me and informed me that the morning session would be over. After a while, I was informed that lunch was ready, so I headed to the buffet table.

▼Salad, fruit

There is a wide variety of salads. There are many kinds of vegetables, and the colors are beautiful.


▼Matcha pudding

▼Melon bread



▼Cookies, popcorn

▼Green curry

The food provided is colorful and has plenty of vegetables.


Next, we will introduce alcohol and drinks.

There is a bar near the front of the lounge. You can have cocktails here.

▼White wine

▼Red wine

▼Canned beer is in the refrigerator. We also have cola and sprite.

▼Detox water

▼Coffee machine

▼Black tea



Next, I will introduce the seats in the lounge. Most of the seats are table seats.

▼Single-seater sofas are lined up immediately after entering the lounge.

▼There are also horizontal sofa seats.

▼Simple chairs and tables are lined up near the dining area.

▼If you go further into the lounge, there is a one-seater sofa seat.

▼A TV was also installed.

▼You can see airplanes up close.

This is an introduction to Qantas lounges. It was a spacious lounge with a bright atmosphere, and I was able to enjoy delicious drinks. I think it depends on the time of day, but it was comfortable because there were almost no customers. Since it's a designated JAL lounge, I get the impression that many of the few customers were Japanese. Also, some of the staff can speak Japanese, so I thought it was an easy-to-use lounge for Japanese people.

hong kong international airport lounge

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