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Review of TOKYO Narita Airport Lounge “IASS SUPERIOR LOUNGE -NOA-” (Priority Pass lounge in T1 departure area)

I will be doing a blog review and explanation of the lounge "IASS SUPERIOR LOUNGE -NOA-" located in Narita Airport Terminal 1. You can enjoy alcoholic drinks and light snacks at the lounge located in the restricted area after immigration. It is also a lounge where you can use Priority Pass.

Narita Airport Lounge "IASS SUPERIOR LOUNGE -NOA-"

Lounge details

This lounge is located on the 3rd floor of the new central building in Narita Airport's Terminal 1. Many Star Alliance airlines such as ANA, United Airlines, and Peach operate from Terminal 1. It's located in the restricted area after immigration, so you can stay there until it's almost time for your flight.

business hours
7:30-21:00 (Open all year round)
place Narita International Airport Terminal 1 Central Building New Building 3rd floor
telephone number 0476-32-7831
Bring in food and drinks Not possible
Companion fee
・Please check the information from your credit card company.
・Children under 3 years old free of charge
Number of seats 54 seats
Service contents
Soft drinks
Alcoholic drinks
Flight information
Dedicated Wi-Fi

From the official website

Credit card for free admission

The following cards are available.

  • UC Card/Credit Saison/Aplus Card 

*Applicable to Platinum Card and above.

  • PriorityPass/Diners Club/Lounge Key/LongePass 



What is Priority Pass?

Priority Pass is a membership service that gives you access to lounges and airport services in over 600 cities in 148 countries around the world . If you have a pass, you can enjoy food and alcohol in the high-quality space of the airport lounge.

Priority Pass is especially useful when boarding international flights . The advantage is that you can use the lounge even if you are not flying in first class or business class, or if you are not a senior member of the airline.

Lounge availability/how to enter

Access to the lounge

The lounge is located on the 3rd floor of the new wing of the central building . Follow the guidance signs. It is located near the center of the terminal.

When in doubt, aim for gate 26.

▼Many informational signs were set up for Priority Pass users.

▲The entrance is stylish and clean.

How to enter the lounge

  • When using the lounge, present your eligible credit card or Priority Pass and same-day boarding pass or ticket.
  • The name on the card and boarding pass will be checked to make sure they match.
  • If you are using a ticketless service such as a smartphone, you can also enter by showing the QR code.

Review with photos


When you enter, there is a reception desk on the right side, and you will need to go through the procedures to enter the room.


▼Pickles, Shiarae

▼Mitarashi Dango



▼Miso soup


There aren't many types, but you can probably satisfy your hunger with yakisoba and takoyaki.


▼White wine, sake (Junmai Ginjo)

▼Red wine

Both red and white wines were domestically produced. I feel that they are particular about being Japanese.

▼Lemon sour, Asahi draft beer

▼Costa Coffee

Costa coffee is my personal favorite flavor. It can be enjoyed hot or iced.

▼Soft drinks


The lounge is bright and open with large windows.

▼You can see airplanes up close right in front of the runway.

The mitarashi dango had a nostalgic feel to it and was delicious.


Above, we introduced the lounge "IASS SUPERIOR LOUNGE -NOA-" located in Narita Airport Terminal 1. The lounge has plenty of Japanese touches, creating a relaxing atmosphere for Japanese people, as well as a lounge that foreign travelers can enjoy as well.

Although there aren't many menu items on offer, the flavors are familiar and can be described as average. Alcohol is available, so you can have a relaxing time before departure. Please note that you are not allowed to bring in food or drinks, so if you want to eat, you will have to go outside.

There are no shower rooms in the lounge. There are also no restrooms, so you will have to go outside the lounge.