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Review of Asiana Airlines lounge use and meals at Incheon Airport (Central/West)

I visited the Asiana Airlines Business Class Lounge in Terminal 1 of Incheon Airport, South Korea, and I will review it. There are three locations located in the area after immigration, and this time I went to West and Central.

Incheon Airport Asiana Business Class Lounge


You can use the Asiana Business Lounge if you are boarding a seat above a certain rank or have a certain airline status. As this is an airline-operated lounge, they offer food as well as alcohol and other drinks. Meal offerings also vary depending on the time of day.

name Asiana Business Lounge
business hours East 5:00-22:00
Central 6:00-22:00
West 6:00-00:30
location Incheon Airport Terminal 1
(east) around No. 11, (center) around No. 26, (west) around No. 43
toilet can be
shower can be
Meal provision can be
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Target users

Eligible users departing on Asiana Airlines/Star Alliance scheduled flights

  • The person flying business class
  • Asiana Club Diamond Plus member (24 months) and one accompanying person traveling in Economy Class
  • Asiana Club Diamond members and one accompanying person on Asiana Airlines and Star Alliance operated flights
  • Star Alliance Gold members and one accompanying person on Asiana Airlines and Star Alliance operated flights

Eligible users departing on scheduled Asiana Airlines flights

  • Users of Economy Smartium on long-haul routes (America, Europe, Australia) operated by Asiana Airlines A350
  • Priority Pass card holders boarding flights operated by Asiana Airlines and Star Alliance members
  • Use with miles

If you become an ANA Super Flyers member, you will be eligible for Star Alliance Gold status and will be able to use the lounge semi-permanently.

Lounge location and directions

There are 3 lounges, all located on the 4th floor. The departure area is on the 3rd floor, so it's one floor up.

East is located around No. 11, Central is around No. 26, and West is around No. 43.

This time I went to West and Central, but the atmosphere of the lounge and the menu offered were almost the same, so if you are actually visiting, I think it would be best to choose the one that is easier to get to.

▼West entrance

The entrance is connected by a passageway and is located in a relatively calm area.

The location is also relatively easy to find.

▼Central entrance


▼Airlines that can be entered

Please complete the procedures at the reception. Please note that Central has automatic gates, so just hold your boarding pass and the gate will open.

Alcohol and soft drinks provided

There was whiskey, vodka, gin, brandy and wine.

▼We have tea bag and stick type coffee.

▼There are cans of carbonated water.

▼Coffee machine

▼This is a machine that pours draft beer when you set a glass.

▼Carbonated juice

▼There were lozenges and candy in the drink corner.

▼Orange juice and apple juice

Meal menu offered

Next, we will introduce the meals that were provided in the lounge.

▼Pretzels in a bag

▼Stir-fried sausage and vegetables. The thick sausage will whet your appetite.

▼Scrambled eggs


▼Crab meat soup

▼ Carrot and chicken porridge

▼Fried rice



▼Roasted eggplant

▼Jam and butter


▼Cup noodles

▼Coffee, the cup on the right is always kept warm by the machine, so the coffee doesn't get cold easily.


▼Salad, fruit

▼Bread can be baked in the oven.


▼Cup noodles

When I visited, I visited Shinoda around 9am, and it seemed like they had a breakfast-like menu. The menu didn't have many typical Korean dishes, and it felt like a typical hotel breakfast. The menu was suitable for both those who want a hearty meal and those who want something refreshing.

Seats and overall atmosphere


Table seating▼

▼Sofa seat

▼Counter seat

▼There is a TV monitor on the other side, so the chair is facing towards the back of the TV.

▼There are seats in front of the buffet table for those who would like to have a light meal.


▼Central automatic gate. You can enter by waving your mobile ticket or other code at the gate.

▼Central has a good location, so the seats are pretty full.

outside view

The lounge has large windows and you can see the boarding gate right in front of you. You can almost see the plane from most seats.

Incheon Airport is the base of Asiana Airlines, so there are rows of Asiana planes lined up.

At the end

Above, we have introduced the Asiana Business Lounge at Incheon Airport. Both Central and West have the same lounge concept. The food offerings and lounge atmosphere were almost the same.

Central is located near the center of the terminal, so it is easy to get to. On the other hand, West is located at the end of the terminal, so you may have to walk a bit.

I think it's best to choose the one closest to the gate of your flight. When I visited, Central was more crowded than West. If Central is busy, you might want to try visiting another lounge.

Although I didn't use it this time, this lounge is also equipped with a shower room. If you are boarding a night flight, you may want to consider taking a shower.

Each seat was equipped with an outlet and USB port. ▼

I was able to use a Japanese outlet as is, without having to use a conversion adapter. However, when using it, it must be compatible with Korean voltage.