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Explanation and recommended methods of transportation from Haneda Airport after the last train late at night

If you arrive at Haneda Airport late at night and the last train of public transportation has passed, we will explain how to get there from Haneda Airport . If your flight arrives late or if you arrive late due to a delay, you will be concerned about the time of the last train on public transportation. In such cases, check in advance what transportation options are available from Haneda Airport.

Last train and first train times for Tokyo Monorail and Keikyu Airport Line

The last and first trains of the Tokyo Monorail and Keikyu Airport Line , which are used by many people, are as follows.

Last train (weekdays/Saturdays/Holidays) First train (weekdays/Saturdays/Holidays)
Tokyo Monorail (Terminal 2) 23:42/23:42 5:11/5:11
Keikyu Airport Line 0:10/0:24 (To Keikyu Kamata) 5:23/5:23

The last train on the Keikyu Line is set later than on the Tokyo Monorail . Once this time has completely passed, you will need to consider alternative travel options or waiting until the first train.

Please note that in the event of significant delays throughout the airport, each airline may operate special flights. Please check the official website for details.

Tokyo Monorail official website

Keihin Kyuko official website

We recommend carpooling "nearMe."

"nearMe." is a service that allows you to travel between your home and the airport in a shared vehicle that seats 9 people. You can move door to door. This is especially useful when you have a lot of luggage and find it difficult to travel by public transportation. Another advantage is that it operates late at night. ( Click here for explanatory article )

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Although taxis are expensive, they are one of the most convenient means of transportation. Since it's late at night, there will be a surcharge, so I think it's better to consider the distance from Haneda Airport to your home.

However, we all have the same idea: taxi stands are expected to be crowded. Therefore, we recommend that you reserve a taxi such as a fixed-rate taxi in advance.Nihon Kotsu's fare table is as follows.

area Regular fixed fare (5:00-22:00) Late night/early morning flat rate fare (22:00 - 5:00 the next day)
Edogawa Ward 8,200 yen 9,700 yen
Taito 8,400 yen 9,900 yen
Sumida Ward 8,400 yen 9,900 yen
Bunkyo Ward 8,600 yen 10,000 yen
Chiyoda Ward
(including Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit)
6,900 yen 8,300 yen
Shinjuku ward 8,300 yen 9,800 yen
Shibuya Ward 7,800 yen 9,200 yen
Adachi Ward 10,200 yen 12,000 yen
Katsushika 10,400 yen 12,300 yen
Arakawa 9,500 yen 11,200 yen
Kita Ward 10,100 yen 11,900 yen
Toshima ward 10,200 yen 12,100 yen
Nakano 9,100 yen 10,800 yen
Suginami 9,900 yen 11,700 yen
Setagaya 8,100 yen 9,600 yen
Itabashi Ward 11,300 yen 13,400 yen
Nerima Ward 11,700 yen 13,800 yen
Musashino 12,800 yen 15,200 yen
Mitaka City 12,200 yen 14,400 yen

Late-night bus (currently partially operated)

The most cost-effective means of transportation is to use late-night buses. You can depart from Haneda Airport around 1am and head to various destinations. However, all but a few lines are currently suspended due to the effects of the coronavirus. Please check the bus company's website for the latest information.

Tokyo Bus Information Web ( )

Ikebukuro/Shinjuku (operation resumed)

1 flight 2 flights stop fare
Departs at 00:20 Departs at 01:00 Haneda Airport Terminal 3 (Platform 3)
Departs at 00:05 - Haneda Airport Terminal 2 (Platform 5)
Departs at 00:10 - Haneda Airport Terminal 1 (Platform 4) -
Arrive at 00:48 Arrive at 01:38 Shinjuku station west exit 2,600 yen
Arrived at 00:53 Arrived at 01:43 Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal (Busta Shinjuku) 2,600 yen

Asakusa, Akihabara, Tokyo Station, Ginza (suspended)

1 flight 2 flights 3 flights stop fare
Departs at 01:15 Departs at 02:00 Haneda Airport Terminal 3 (Platform 3)
Departs at 01:25 Departs at 02:10 Haneda Airport Terminal 2 (Platform 5)
Arrive at 02:00 Arrive at 02:45 Ginza Station (Yurakucho) 2,000 yen
Arrive at 02:10 Arrive at 02:55 Tokyo Station Yaesu North Exit (Tekko Building) 2,000 yen
Arrive at 02:20 Arrive at 03:05 Akihabara Station 2,000 yen
Arrive at 02:40 Arrive at 03:25 Asakusa View Hotel 2,000 yen

Ichinoe, Kasai, Toyocho, Toyosu, Odaiba, Ariake (suspended)

1 flight 2 flights 3 flights stop fare
Departs at 01:25 Haneda Airport Terminal 3 (Platform 3)
Departs at 01:35 Haneda Airport Terminal 2 (Platform 5)
Arrive at 01:55 Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba 1,100 yen
Arrive at 02:08 Kokusai Tenjijo Station 1,300 yen
Arrived at 02:18 Toyosu Station 1,500 yen
Arrive at 02:33 Toyocho Station 2,000 yen
Arrived at 02:48 Kasai Station 2,100 yen
Arrived at 02:54 Ichinoe Station 2,100 yen

Arrive at Haneda Airport late at night and stay until morning

Move to the international terminal

Although it is a forced method, there is a method of staying at Haneda Airport until morning after arriving by plane. Suitable for people who want to save money without spending money. However, the domestic terminal will be closed, so go to the international terminal, which is open 24 hours a day .

Inter-terminal bus service hours

It is convenient to take the airport terminal bus to get to Terminal 3 for international flights. However, the final time has also been determined. The last time for this bus is 24:32 . Once you pass this point, you will have to walk.

Stay at a hotel in or near Haneda Airport

Consider the option of staying at a hotel near Haneda Airport. If you have the time and money, this is also a good option to reduce fatigue upon arrival . In that sense, staying at a hotel has benefits that go beyond the price.

You can also take a taxi to hotels near Kamata Station or Tenkubashi Station, which are a little far from the airport, for about 1,000 yen. As a hotel-specific service, some hotels may provide a free shuttle bus to the airport.

Hotels within the airport

a name of a hotel place Amount (single) Features
Royal Park The Haneda T3 From 14,000 yen premium hotel
Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu T2 From 15,000 yen Some rooms have a view of the runway
First Cabin Haneda Terminal 1 T1 From 7,000 yen Capsule hotel type

Inexpensive hotels outside the airport

a name of a hotel place Amount (single) Shuttle bus
Toyoko Inn Haneda Airport 1 and 2 Haneda From 7,000 yen First train leaves at 4:45
Hotel Mystays Haneda Haneda From 13,000 yen First train leaves at 4 o'clock
Chisun Hotel Kamata Nishi Kamata From 5,000 yen Keikyu Bus Kamata Station first bus departs at 5:10


This concludes my explanation of transportation options when arriving at Haneda Airport late at night.

Method detail Amount of money
tokyo monorail Last train 23:42 500 yen (to Hamamatsucho)
Keikyu Airport Line Last train 0:10am, 0:24am on weekends and holidays (to Keikyu Kamata) 300 yen (to Shinagawa Station)
Early morning bus (suspended) 1 o'clock 1,100 yen - 2,200 yen
taxi free time Around 10,000 yen to the city center
Hotel (inside the airport) Directly connected to the airport From 7,000 yen
Hotel (around the airport) Travel by shuttle bus or taxi From 5000 yen

Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Consider which means of transportation to use, taking into account the number of people on the day and the distance from your home. Tickets tend to be cheaper for flights that arrive late at night. If you use a taxi when the last train is gone, the cheap air ticket price becomes meaningless.

If you miss the last train, consider options that suit your situation, taking into consideration your schedule, budget, physical strength, and comfort.