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Incheon Airport Matina Lounge Priority Pass usage review

I visited Matina lounge in Terminal 1 of Incheon Airport, South Korea. Matina lounge is a lounge that can be used with Priority Pass, and there are two locations located within the restricted area after departure.

You can enjoy drinks and meals, including alcohol, so it's perfect for filling up your stomach before your flight.

Now let me introduce you.

What is Priority Pass?

Priority Pass is a membership service that gives you access to lounges and airport services in over 600 cities in 148 countries around the world . If you have a pass, you can enjoy food and alcohol in the high-quality space of the airport lounge.

Priority Pass is especially useful when boarding international flights . The advantage is that you can use the lounge even if you are not flying in first class or business class, or if you are not a senior member of the airline.

Priority Pass has great benefits on international flights, but there are also stores at Centrair (Chubu Centrair International Airport) and Kansai International Airport where you can use Priority Pass even when taking domestic flights .

Narita Airport also has the only capsule hotel in Japan that can be used with Priority Pass. Please note that Priority Pass cards issued by Amex cannot be used at restaurants.

Incheon Airport Lounge "Matina lounge"

Lounge details

This lounge is located in Terminal 1 of Incheon Airport. Below is an overview of the two places where you can use Priority Pass.

business hours
Daily: 7am to 10pm
place Incheon Airport
① Terminal 1, 4th floor, near boarding gate 9
② Terminal 1, 4th floor, near boarding gate 45
Terms of use Guests must present a valid membership card and government-issued photo ID to enter the lounge.
Children under 3 years old are admitted free.
Service contents
Flight Information

List of lounges at Incheon Airport▼

There are two Matina Lounge locations, both located at opposite ends of the terminal. All lounges are located on the 4th floor, one floor above the departure area (3rd floor).

Exterior of the lounge

Matina Lounge on the side of Gate 45

A lounge sign is posted on the third floor area directly below Matina Lounge. You can take the escalator up from here.

▼Matina Lounge entrance

▼At the entrance, there is a list of credit cards that can be used to enter the room. In addition to Priority Pass and Lounge Key, there are also many credit cards issued in Korea.

Matina Lounge on the 9th gate side

The other lounge, on the side of Gate 9, is a larger lounge and a transit hotel. The entrance is also large like this. ▼

Reception/admission procedures

▼As soon as you enter the entrance, you will be greeted immediately. When I visited, it was early in the morning, and there were several people waiting in line for the procedure. There seemed to be a lot of people entering the room, probably because it accepts many cards. It also seemed that some people were lining up without valid cards, so it took a long time to get in. The reception was handled by one person.

Offer menu

Next, we will introduce the food offered at the lounge. This time I visited in the morning, but the menu offered varies depending on the time of day. Below, I will introduce how I visited the lounge near Gate 45.


▼Stir-fried shrimp, corn, etc. (left)

I've been feeling exhausted since the morning. It was a dish with a very fragrant aroma.

▼Spicy chicken

▼Scrambled eggs

▼Korean style rice?

▼Fries (tempura, hash browns, chips)


▼Bibimbap toppings

▼Dried fruits




▼Cup ramen





We would like to introduce you to the inside of the lounge. The lounge was crowded and most of the seats were occupied. The atmosphere is like a self-serve food court. As soon as you enter, find a seat and go get your food.

It's really crowded. Waiting in line to get food. Pick up what you want to eat.

At the end

That's all for introducing Matina Lounge. I was impressed by the variety of sweets such as fruits and cakes.

Many people used it as a lounge that could be accessed with Priority Pass or a credit card issued in Korea. There are two lounges, so we recommend using the one closest to your boarding gate.

Since the food is plentiful, I think it would be better to leave immediately after eating rather than staying too long.