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Bording report

Asiana Airlines boarding report and in-flight meal review (Narita → Incheon/Incheon → Naha)

I flew on Asiana Airlines, a Korean Star Alliance member airline, so I would like to share with you my boarding review and in-flight meals. I was seated in economy class and boarded a flight from Narita Airport to Incheon Airport and from Incheon Airport to Naha Airport.

Narita Airport → Incheon Airport (OZ103 flight)


The aircraft used is A330-300. The seating arrangement is 2-4-2. This time, I reserved a window seat with two rows of seats, A41. The A330 is a medium-sized aircraft manufactured by Airbus. Since ANA and JAL do not own this aircraft, there are few opportunities to fly it.

The flight time was 2 hours and 50 minutes and was on schedule.

▼In-flight atmosphere

I had priority boarding on Star Alliance Gold, but I was able to take a picture of the seats where no one was sitting, probably because there weren't many passengers in economy. The wide body with two rows of aisles makes the cabin feel spacious. There were no people sitting next to me, so it was comfortable.

The headrest is designed to be large. The interior feels a little old, but since the flight to South Korea is relatively short, I didn't feel it was a problem.

In-flight meal

Preparation of the in-flight meal begins immediately after takeoff from Narita Airport. The shaking was quite strong that day, and under normal circumstances, the seatbelt sign would have turned on. The flight attendant was handing out in-flight meals while the plane was shaking a lot, perhaps due to the short level flight.

The in-flight meals are handed out extremely quickly, as if they were just thrown out.

▼Two items: box and hot meal

▼Describes how to arrange the table.

Perhaps because it is a short route, the food is not served on a tray, so you can simply unfold the box and eat it.

▼In-flight meal contents

▼The main dish is bulgogi beef. It looks like you'll be served with gochujang. The amount of rice is also large.

▼The box contains egg tofu, waffles, and mineral water.

You may feel a little unsatisfied as a single meal. For me, the amount of rice was too much compared to the amount of meat, and I couldn't finish it all. I don't know if egg tofu is meant to be eaten with gochujang, but it has a taste that people either like or dislike.

The waffles were soft and sweet and I thought they were perfect after a meal. Since it is packaged, I think you can take it home with you.

In the meantime, we were ready to land. ▼

We safely arrived at Incheon Airport.

Incheon Airport → Naha Airport route


The aircraft used is the same A330-300. This time I reserved a window seat in row K. The flight takes 2 hours and 15 minutes to either Incheon Airport or Naha Airport.

There were many Koreans on the plane, and few Japanese people. It seems that there are many passengers traveling to Okinawa.

In-flight meal

In-flight meals are served in boxes containing hot meals and cold items.

▼When you open it up, it looks like this. It consists of pumpkin salad, bread, mineral water, and main dish.

▼Bulgogi beef and rice. Sprinkle with gochujang and serve like bibimbap.

As you approach Naha and begin to lower your altitude, you will be able to see the clear, blue ocean.

We landed safely at Naha Airport on time.

-Bording report