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Prince Smart Inn Shijo Omiya breakfast and room review (KYOTO JAPAN)

I stayed at Prince Smart Inn Shijo Omiya in Kyoto, so I will review the rooms and breakfast. Hotel prices are high in Kyoto these days, so it's hard to decide where to stay, but this hotel is affiliated with Prince Hotels, so you can feel safe, and even though breakfast is included, you can stay at a fairly cheap price, and the cost performance is high. It's a hotel.

Overview of Prince Smart Inn Shijo Omiya

Prince Smart Inn Shijo Omiya
TEL 050-3154-7992, 03-6709-3312
location 521
Karatsuyacho, Shijo-dori Horikawa Nishiiri, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 600-8499
parking none
Traffic access Approximately 2 minutes walk from Omiya Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line
Approximately 3 minutes walk from Shijo Omiya Station on the Keifuku Arashiyama Main Line
In-house facilities Amenity corner/Coin laundry (charged)/Lockers for guests only/Map-type digital signage/Smoking booth/Vending machine/Ice maker/Microwave oven
Transfer none
breakfast free
Number of rooms 173 rooms
Check-in time 15:00
Check-out time 11:00


Although the exterior is simple, it has a clean feel.

There is a check-in machine immediately after entering the entrance.

Lobby/front floor

▼After checking in, you can pick up your amenities from here.

▼This is a breakfast venue in the morning, so it is spacious with many chairs.

The lobby floor has a clean and bright impression. In addition, the furniture was stylish and I felt that there was a lot of attention paid to the interior.

Guest room/bed

Next, we will introduce the guest rooms.

▼The guest room is a twin room.

None of the rooms in this hotel are very spacious. The guest rooms are designed to be compact yet functional.

▼Blind curtains are installed.

Room/equipment related

▼Air purifier

▼A TV is installed on the wall. I'm really grateful that I can watch YouTube, Abema, etc. on TV.

▼Refrigerator and safe

▼Clock (Alexa)

▼Although it is small, there is a compact desk and chair. You can also easily get some food here.

Guest room/washstand

Next, let me introduce you to the wash basin. There is a sink on the right as soon as you open the outside door. This is also extremely simple, but there are towels, hair dryers, and hand soap.

Guest room/shower booth

Next, we will introduce the shower booth. Most rooms do not have bathtubs. There is only a shower, but it is not a unit bath, but the bath and toilet are separate, making it sanitary.

▼Shower booth

It's about the size of one person. There is no problem at all as long as you wash it off quickly. I really appreciate the rain shower.

▼Body soap

▼Shampoo, conditioner

Guest room/toilet


This is also a compact toilet, but it has a washlet.

free breakfast

Next, I will introduce breakfast. Breakfast is available to all guests by presenting their key card at the counter.


The daily breakfast set includes rice balls, miso soup, two obanzai dishes, and pickles.

▼Daily breakfast set

Food is served on a tray and eaten at a nearby table.

▼Drinks cost 300 yen.


Comprehensive review

This is all about Prince Smart Inn Kyoto Shijo Omiya with photos. It was a highly satisfying hotel that clearly separated what was necessary and what was not.

I will review each room and breakfast at the end.

Guest room

The rooms are honestly small. There is also no bathtub. This means that the room rates are lower.

It is unique to new hotels that the bath and toilet are separate , rather than the unit bath type that is common in business hotels . It seems that many people are concerned about hygiene when choosing a unit bath type with a toilet in the bathroom. Therefore, it seems that the trend of the times is to separate the bath and toilet even if it is small.

There may not be a changing room, but you don't have to worry because there is a curtain between the bed side and the washroom side, so you can close it off.

There is a large space in front of the washroom, so I was able to spread out my large suitcase of around 100L.

In terms of equipment, it is highly praised that you can also watch online distribution media such as YouTube and Abematv on the TV . I think there are many people who don't watch TV, so you can stay there just like you would at home.


As for breakfast, to be honest, it's at a level where you can do without it. It's free so I can't complain. I think some people may think it's not enough. If you don't have enough food, go to one of the many restaurants in Kyoto City.


Although it was a simple hotel, it had everything you needed and had high satisfaction and cost performance.